Winter Gear

Going out on my first winter hitch in NY harbor. Woohooo! AB so I will be out on deck obviously. What would be your essential gear for the cold weather? I’ve been recommended Under Armour, Wool lite, Carhartt. What brands do you guys recommend. Most importantly I want to grab some really nice gloves. Thanks guys.

  • Smee

But a float coat. They are very warm and much better than trying to dress warm then put on a work vest.

Some Filson double tin cloth pants

Who you going to work for??

Duluth trading DTPro gloves. Around $35 I think

Diving gloves work great because they keep your hands dry when you are working a wet line. Nothing worst than wet gloves in the winter!!!

[QUOTE=KPEngineer;58890]Duluth trading DTPro gloves. Around $35 I think[/QUOTE]

I second that. I own lots of clothing from Duluth Trading, and IMHO they are far superior to Carhartt. Fleece and Flannel lined pants are especially nice. They even guarantee their “fire hose” pants, and will replace them when or if you wear them out. Nothing beats that.

[QUOTE=Capt. Schmitt;58870]But a float coat. They are very warm and much better than trying to dress warm then put on a work vest.[/QUOTE]

With all due respect, float coats are great for Mates or Captains who don’t, ahem, move around as much…but I don’t recommend them for working on deck. You might be nice and toasty when you step out on deck, but as soon as you start working you will overheat and burn up. Because the float coat is both a coat [I][B]and[/B][/I] your PFD, you will not be able to take it off during periods of intense activity (such as line handling, or making tow), and you will sweat and suffer. I agree that [I]work vests[/I] over a layers of warm clothes is not handy. Take the money you would have spent on a float coat, and buy an inflatable PFD “type V” from Mustang or Stearns…they are light weight, and comfortable over anything from a simple t-shirt, to your full winter layered kit. Just my $0.02.

comeon now. i agree with you for late spring to early fall. they are warm but on the barge i live in my float coat from Oct to April…working cargo lashing containers and dragging chain. then again maybe I’m a bit cold blooded and i really should get a real job.:stuck_out_tongue:

Depends where you work. I worked Alaska for years, float coat or a mustang suit was the best thing in the world. GOM, even in winter, nah its to hot.