Work Clothes Recomendation

Hey everyone,
I am going to be shipping as a cadet this winter in the Atlantic and Northern Europe and am just starting to put together my seabag while I am home for the holiday. I was wondering if there was any stuff that you wished you had thought to bring when you were heading out, and if any of you had recommendations for what you have found to be the best work pants/shirts etc. Thanks, and happy holidays .

Pack light

Don’t go cheap on the socks, or underwear.

Light weight thermals (breathable).

More than light weight thermals (breathable).

I guess the below are not really work clothes.

A few notepads you can carry in your pocket to you know, take notes right then and there.

If allowed, an iPhone or something like that. You can’t take it every places, and some places you risk damaging it, but the ability to take a picture of certain things can help a lot. And when you can’t take that around, that’s what the notepad is for.

A flashlight you can hold in your mouth, something along the lines of a single AAA battery size. It does not need to be some nuclear powered intensity either.

Wrangler Ripstop work pants

BDU pants. I cant function without the cargo pockets, and the material is light enough that it dries out pretty fast. That said might not be the best by itself if you’re sailing the north atlantic.

Non camouflage ones though. Many countries have laws against anyone but military having camo stuff and will seize and fine at any opportunity. 5.11 pants fill the same purpose without that hazard too.

Duluth trading post pants, their shoreman fleece. Keen boots. A quality pocket knife, long float coat.

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Layers of synthetic insulation, then more layers of synthetic insulation, topped with Gore-Tex for wind breaking and waterproofing. North Europe is COLD in the winter.

Kinda puzzled.

If he is shipping as a cadet with a reputable company then they would have established dress codes and a recommended list of clothing. Who is the sponsor for the Cadetship?

Carhart flannel lined carpenter pants, Underarmor mock turtleneck (two), a good wool sweater and shirt. One more thing; don’t be cheap on rain gear. Lots of good stuff out there but for what it’s worth, I bought a set of Helly-Hansen (sp?) gear in '94 and it is still going strong.

Different system for US cadet shipping. “Sponsors” are the individual companies that ask for a certain number from the federal and state academies and pay ~$30 a day for wages (was $21/day when I cadet shipped 20 years ago. Not sure what the rate is now). No dress codes or uniforms outside Military Sealift Command though.

better check out CC FILSON in Seattle. Their stuff is hard to surpass but it is pricey and the oilskin stuff smells like … oil skin, but its weather proof.