Work gear for first legitimate ship


Hey everyone,
I am going to be shipping as a deck cadet this winter in the Atlantic and Northern Europe and am just starting to put together my seabag while I am home for the holiday. I was wondering if there was any stuff that you wished you had thought to bring when you were heading out, and if any of you had recommendations for what you have found to be the best work pants/shirts etc. Thanks, and happy holidays .


kit up just like this happy fellow and you’ll be the envy of the crew


Someone just posted about seeking this information… search for Packing Checklist


Harumph … fair weather WAFI, hard to tack with the boom crutch in place, that dock line is going to slap him in the ass and his pipe isn’t configured for heavy weather.

Must be on the KP sailing team.


My constant wish was never granted: a woman under the covers in my rack at the end of a watch.


I had that for a trip…it was amazing. And now she’s my wife!