Carhartt Foul Weather Gear

I’m looking to buy some new durable foul weather gear and would like some opinions. I was pretty set on grundens until I checked out the carhartt pvc jacket and bib today. I really liked the feature of the neoprene seal around your wrist to prevent water from entering the sleeve. The jacket and bib are about $50 each and the material seemed more durable than a lot of the Grundens gear in the $100 and up range. Does anyone have any experience with carhartt rain gear? Quality is more important than price so let me know what you all like best. Thanks!

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No experience with the Carhart rain gear but all their other products are very well put together. I recently bought a Field and Stream getup. It is waterproof and more importantly to me is the fact that it is breathable but at the same time it’s windproof. It is really nice not to start sweating as soon as you put it on. It has velcro straps around the sleeves and plenty of pockets. The legs have zippers but needs a velcro straps at the cuffs, like the sleeves, but duct tape cures that issue. I don’t know how rough you need them to be. I am only doing general work on deck, nothing too extreme to put them to the test, but they are well made. I paid about 80 bucks for all. I would be interested to hear what you end up purchasing. Please post back.

I’m curious too. I’ve heard of Cahart’s rain gear- but haven’t seen it.

In the Bering Sea 95% of us wore Grundens- with the rest being Helly Hansen (especially the lightweight stuff) and some Guy Cotten.

I took some cheap Stearns rain gear and some old military surplus rain pants. (I live in Colorado- couldn’t find good rain gear here)

The Stearns pants were shredded the first day- much to my coworkers amusement.:smiley:

The jacket lasted a few weeks- as did the military pants.

I gave in and bought the Grundies from the ship’s store…

Whatever you get- I recommend getting both a heavier set of raingear- and a lighter one. That way you have a backup in case one gets ruined.
Plus- when you’re running around all day on deck- you really appreciate the weight savings:)


I use carharts. Big issue I have with them is the outer nylon shell absorbs water. Then the gear gets heavy. The carharts I have are a lot like the grundens parka. May even be made by grundens and carhart just puts their label on them.
If I purchased again I would just go directly with the grundens stuff.

If you have the bucks and are real serious about your gear get a custom made mustang suit. Cost $900 to $1600. Has a removable liner (for cleaning or tropics work).
or the cadillac

I used to wear the Grundens Hercules PVC “rubber” bibs with a Carhartt PVC jacket. All this rubber gear is great if you are cleaning fish or otherwise find yourself standing in water, but it is very heavy and if you are moving around you start to sweat- which will then make you cold and clammy when you stand still…

Now I have switched to Grundens “Weather Boss” hooded jacket and pants. They are much lighter weight, and most importantly, breathable. Much easier to move around in and stay comfortable. The outer nylon layer does absorb water, but you will stay dry on the inside. The jacket and pants both have cuffs to keep the water out. I recommend the jacket over the Parka, because I prefer to wear multiple layers under the jacket which I can remove on warmer days- the Parka would be great in the winter, but too hot the rest of the year. Also, my workvest fits nicely on top of the jacket.

I work on tugs, so durability is important, and the Grundens Weather Boss gear is up to the task.

The jacket has a large hood, which will fit over most hard hats, and the pants have cargo pockets which are great for flashlights, tools, notepads, etc.