Grundens Gage Foul Wx Gear Reviews

Anybody out there ever use the Gage line of foul weather gear from Grundens? I’ve been looking for something lightweight and more breathable than the Brigg set that I have. It’s great in cold weather in the rain - I definitely stay dry. But it doesn’t work so well working in the Brazilian Amazon during the summer. I stumbled across this stuff the other day and it was cheap - $50 for the jacket and $60 for bibs. Plus it weighs almost nothing - not like that Brigg set!

It’s alright salt tends to crack it if you don’t rinse it with freshwater

I’m not looking for sea spray, more for the downpours that happen while I’m always on deck! But that’s good to know - rinse them out if they get salt on them. Is it as breathable as they make it out to be or do you sweat like hell in them?

i have it .It works great ,It was made to be foul weather gear that can be packed down for easy travel. I bought it 6 months ago when I had to go to SE Alaska and run a yacht for a few weeks. I have also used it on San francisco bay. Now keep in mind its not like my $1000 Musto MPX breahtable gear. But its a good bang for the buck.I dont know how it is in warm weather but its a good product. I also use Grundens heavier gear for fishing alot. The only thing I wish was the hood would fold up into a collar. hope that helps,

I have some. It’s great gear. If waterproof/ breathable is a balance, then it leans a little to the waterproof side. I hike in mine and don’t end up drenched in sweat but I live in southeast Alaska where 65 deg is a warm day. I have seen a few people jogging in it though.

I’ve used it on deck in the bering sea in the winter. It lasts as long, and stays waterproof as long as the plastic orange stuff. The “breathability” is a bit of a myth. If you’re just standing there you can stay reasonably dry, but if you’re moving much you’ll sweat in them. If you don’t wear absorbent layers underneath you’ll be like a pig in a tarp.

I cannot say enough about the over the top quality of Grundens in general. I have both the heavy weight Grundens Jacket with neoprene wristlets and the bib type waders , and the lighter weight breathable set as well . I use the heavy weight for when I’m working in wet conditions and when on watch if i need for any reason to be out on deck I’ll usually be wearing the lightweight pair. I dont really know about the strength and longevity of the lighter weight set , but I’ve had the heavy weight Grundens since shortly after I began sailing about 1988 . The heavy jacket did have a tear in one arm once but I found a repair kit for a similar Helly Hansen suit and it worked like a charm to fix the tear, and back to a completely durable state. That was about 7-8 yrs ago. But I agree with DomDom, it is true when using the gear its always best to rinse it with fresh water in a shower or with a garden hose ect if there is any chance that sea spray was a factor on the weather deck. If cared for properly you will find long life in your rain suit .