Dead Horse? - Warm Weather Raingear - Deckhand

I don’t mean to possibly beat a dead horse, but I’m coming up short on my search results. I’m starting to compile a list of gear to purchase before beginning my career at sea; nevertheless, I’m stuck on the raingear section. The posts I’ve seen seem to be tailored to colder climates. I’ve only ever lived in Florida and haven’t had to deal with cold weather.

Should I be employed on a vessel that operates primarily in warm climates, and it happens to rain:

[li]What do folks wear when it rains where it is hot? [/li][li]With no experience in this gear, do float-coats, insulated boots, bibs, etc. get uncomfortable it hot rainy weather while working? [/li][/ul]

You will not be able to wear traditional float coats, float bibs, etc in warm weather. Wayyyy too hot. Even heavy oilskins are hot in warm weather. You can buy some of the lighter weight oilskins from Helly Hansen or Grundens, or just buy some Frog-toggs. They work reasonably well in warm weather rain and throw em away after you wear em out. Packable lightweight rain coat and pants from Columbia or similar would be decent as well.

When was on deck down south and it was really hot I just got wet… If you put on rain gear it won’t breathe good and you will be soaked with sweat anyway.

If you are in the Caribbean don’t worry about a little rain.

Grundèns gage is decent for lightweight stuff. Have a bib/jacket with me all the time. Reasonable $, if you shop around you should be able to get a set for $100 or so.

What you want is breath ability in warm climates… Grundens is great at keeping the weather out but is not breathable (maybe the new light weight stuff is ok… Don’t know). I would go to REI and get a lightweight raincoat and bibs… Something with pit zips to let out the heat. Don’t get anything fancy… The only fancy stuff that’s breathable is uber expensive and doesn’t work at all once it gets greasy.

You also want some non-cotton clothes underneath. The sports stuff (under armor, Patagonia, REI brand) works great but stinks to high heaven after one deck watch. I like the thin wool shirts best… They cost a bit more but Wick great and never stink.

Frogg Toggs Toadz series, best I have found for warm weather.