I read a lot about Grundens and how they don;t breath. Therefore I don;t want to get a pair that are heavier then I need. What is the recommended model for the GOM.

Grundens are good gear. My crew and I wore them for years in the North Atlantic. I never did see a good set of foul weather gear that would BREATH. When you put a jacket over the pants it seals things up and no air circulates out or in, but that is the whole idea isn’t it? In the GOM I would suggest the lightest one’s that they make.

Thanks Skipjack, Out of 68 views, Your the only one that had an opinion to share on this matter. Much thanks

hey skycowboy…sorry i’m a little late on the post but i just read yours. Check Grundens website if you haven’t already. I think they offer a “lite” set of foul weather gear. By that I mean it’s more breathable but check to see if it is more set up for just recreational use instead of commercial. You don’t want to spend top dollar and rip it to shreds on the first day. Good luck with your search and if you can post up what you find because I’m sure others are looking too.

I went to the Army Navy store and bought a set of Army Surplus. I figured I would give them a try and adjust as necessary…