Steel Toe Required, What Are The Best Work-Boots?

The company I’m going to work for says gotta wear steel toe boots, oil resistant, with a heel and should be waterproof. It’s down south so its gonna be hot on a steel deck. I like the slip-on wellington type boots and thinking about a pair of Justin boots, but I’m looking for opinions… what do ya’ll like for steel toe boots and why? Thanks guys.

Dr. Martins Wellingtons are comfortable, but for all around protection go for Dr. Martin Outland riggers. They have an electrical rating, are water proof, light weight, and comfortable, all without being hot.

Ariat composite toe. Very lightweight. They have pull on styles. I wear a lace up.

Check out [I][B]wolverines[/B][/I], I have had two pairs now, one was waterproof but also thinsulate insulated, steel toe, steel shank and electrical rating. Still got em after about 5 years of hard use. Only problem is they are hot as hell anywhere that is not freezing, even in 30 degree winter when I would use em shoveling out the car or something so covered in snow my feet were sweating.

That being said I went ahead and got a pair of wolverine non insulated, waterproof, electrical insulation with steel toe and they breath great, feel great, and never seem to wear.

Oh and both say oil resistant on the bottom.

Another tip, i’ve gotten other wolverine products a long with these all at sears, they sell wolverine, not everything, but a lot, and unlike the wolverine website they run a lot of deals. So I got one of my pairs for 25 percent off with a coupon I googled online. Worth a shot! good luck. Oh and my coworker has redwings (my favorite but never actually owned a pair and his wore out way faster than my wolverines, he switched to wolverines and loves them, i still want redwings though!

Try KEEN BOOTS. Best I’ve worked in.

Red Wings. Made in America. Hands down best/ most comfortable boots I’ve worn

I have the Dr Martine Outland’s as well and really like them. They have great ankle protection if you’re prone to hitting your ankles on stuff like I am.

Red Wings are very nice no doubt, but also pricey. My personal faves & the ones I wear onboard are the slip-on Georgia Boots. Comparable to Red Wings for less coin. If you need waterproof, go with Georgia Boot Mud Dogs.

Dr. Marten’s are superior to most anything, especially for the price.

Can anyone tell me if the composite toe boots fill the same OSHA requirements as the steel toes?

I am very partial to the Red Wing slip on boots. They seem to last forever.

[QUOTE=cmakin;68526]I am very partial to the Red Wing slip on boots. They seem to last forever.[/QUOTE]

Likewise. Pair of steel toe Pecos for the boat, and two pairs of soft toe Pecos at home.

[QUOTE=t.mcg;68514]Red Wings. Made in America. Hands down best/ most comfortable boots I’ve worn[/QUOTE]
Check the tags. You would be surprised to see a lot of Red WIngs are not made in America. I wear Pecos all leather slip on which is made in America with imported materials. But I picked up a pair of 100% waterproof Red Wing slip ons which I found were made in China

I’ve been digging Duluth trading shoes lately.

Chippewa! Been wearing mine for a few years now and almost forget I’m wearing boots. Were kinda pricey though.

They come in composite toe?

steel toe is stone age stuff
How do you get your foot out after something stronger then the steel cap can support, crushes your foot

I would think if something that big/hard/heavy lands on your foot, you’ve probably lost all your toes and some or all of your foot anyway, steel toe boots or not. Thanks for all the suggestions guys!

Don’t know. Didn’t know anything about a composite toe before this thread honestly. Went in looking for new red wings and after commenting that they weren’t very comfortable and needed to be broken in the nice young lady says hold on, try these. Soft oiled leather with vibrant sole and waterproof. Like butter on your legs.


Every engineer I’ve worked with wore redwings. Mine are going strong 3 years running.