Boot reviews

New guy here. Getting ready to drop some coin on some new workboots and want to hear some feedback. Ill most likely be working tugs and haven’t bought steel toe boots in almost 20 years. I was considering something taller for ankle protection, maybe Redwing or Cat… something with some good cush, maybe a pull on. Post up your thoughts on:


I wore Durangos for many years. Got really good wear out of them and they were comfortable to wear all day when standing and walking on steel decks. They also held up pretty well after being soaked in salt water

Duluth trading best shoes I’ve owned.

Been wearing Redwing Pecos for years. Pull on steel toe and comfortable. Cost about $200 and made in America. I once bought a made in China waterproof slip on by Redwing. It was about $75 cheaper. Lighter than the Pecos, but the toes were getting tore up. I work in the ER and deck plates and ladders seem to always cause the toes to get tore up. Whatever boot you get I suggest getting those gel inserts. They work great for me.

Doc Martens!

Red wing pecos, absolutley the best steel toe boot I have ever had!!!

I use to love my Washington Shoe Company, Seattle Chief, Romeos, but now they are cheap crap made in China.

Does anyone know of a well made Romeo style shoe like the old Seattle Chiefs?

For deck work, do you recommend a taller boot or does that hinder movement on ladders/etc.

If you go to a Redwing store, get fitted and purchase a nice american made pair at the size they recommend you will be amazed. I thought mine were too tight but the leather molded to my foot like they said it would and now I have a custom fitted boot. The feeling of comfort is almost sinful.

I got a six inch height model. I used to like taller boots but I find it easier to get around the ship in these.

Check out KEEN BOOTS. Best I’ve worn from AK to GOM.

Converse tactical boots. Light, durable, feel like sneakers and when you wear them for 15hrs your feet don’t hurt.

Extratuffs? 'Nuffsaid! Oh crap can’t wear those on a mud boat though, right?

Timberland Pro PowerWelt Wellington. They sell them in either pull up or lace up and I have the pull up. Light weight, yet very sturdy. I can wear them all day and my feet and legs feel good at the end of the day.

Extratuffs are now made in China!! I bought my last pair(s) a couple of years ago. I don’t know what I’ll do once these wear out.

[QUOTE=“z-drive;108485”]Extratuffs? 'Nuffsaid! Oh crap can’t wear those on a mud boat though, right?[/QUOTE]

Why not? They come in steel toe…


Extratuffs are now made in China!! I bought my last pair(s) a couple of years ago. I don’t know what I’ll do once these wear out.[/QUOTE]

Servus Pro are identical to extra tuff, made in the US, and about $20 cheaper.

If you work in Fourchon call Coastal Distributor, they will deliver to your boat next day. 985-396-2251

Steel toe is just wrong! I don’t know how good I really have it up here, you guys can keep all that big steel toe, safety glassed, ear plug, long pants money. They are the most beautiful boot for commercial fishing though, specifically gillnetting as they are so smooth and don’t get hung up on the mesh. Can usually find USA goddamn 'merican made ones on ebay.

Georgia Boot - Romeo Slip on with Vibram sole. on my 5th pair in 19 years. Comfortable (steel toe) And I’ve worn Red Wings, Cats, and many others.

Red Wing 606, comes in 6" and 8", ST and non-ST. Gum Rubber sole for super non-slippage on wet metal surfaces, unlined leather for breathability and comfort.