Composite/Steel Boot/Shoe recomendations for working on the deck of MPSV's in GOM?

Anyone recomendations or advice on a good pair of composite or steel toe work shoes or boots to wear while working offshore in the GOM on a MPSV?

So far I have bought Redwing rubber boots and a decent pair of leather steel toes work boots. At the end of the day my feet are killing me! A combination of extremely hot decks, heavy boots, being a bit over weight, older, and some foot deformities (high arches ect.) have left me popping just about any type of pain med I can get my hands on at the end each day!

I have bought various types of over the counter shoe inserts, thick athletic socks and they help some. But the heat coming up from the deck and being blessed with fucked up feet have put a real damper on my enthusiasm for the job. Maybe some of you have found some foot gear that stands out or have had a similar problem. Any advice is appreciated. I figure to go to a podiatrist while I am off to see what he might have to offer. Thanks for any advice head of time!..:cool:


try timberland “mudsill” steel toe shoes, you can look and buy them from

lightweight and great non-skid soles, beside being very comfortable.

If you don’t have to have boots, look around online, there are tons of steel-toe athletic type shoes that are much more comfortable than boots. i have some by converse, and they are almost like wearing tennis shoes.

Don’t buy composite, I nearly lost my toes when I dropped something on my foot (years ago, don’t remember what). They were brand new!

Try Tony Lama TLX Waterproof Steel Toe Work boots. Excellent fit and heavy duty boot that works for me. I HATE rubber boots, they kill my feet. They make these in a pull on and a lace up. The pull ups stay dryer than the lace ups if you are rigging and getting swamped when the water floods the back deck. The pull ons I tape my rain gear tight to my boot and it’s all good. I used to be a big wolverine fan because the dura-shock soles are better than my tennis shoes for comfort but I couldn’t find a waterproof, steel toe, version but if you don’t mind packing a pair of rubbers with you they are very comfortable as well. Neither are non-skid but the soles on both are soft and grip well. Don’t know what you would experience in a greasy galley floor, but as far as work on deck goes either will serve you well.

Good luck.

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Studbuzzar, your podiatrist can make you custom insoles that you can put in any boot. I have a pair and they were molded to my foot so they give good support. I had to remove the forefoot part so I could use steel toe boots but that part is just a “filler” and once your foot is in the boot the insole won’t move around.

On another note,

I was given a brand new pair of Red Wing lace-ups a few years ago and while I like the (made in USA) construction, they are heavy and clunky. They are for sale if anyone’s interested, 7-1/2 mens. I had to relent and go back to Timberlands to get a boot I can work in. Also, Wolverine dura-shocks. Not made in USA though :frowning:

Someone gave good advice regarding Zappos the online shoe store. They cost a wee bit more but that includes free return shipping if the shoes don’t fit. Just don’t wear them on pavement when you try them on.

7 1/2 mens?! Wow that’s what I wore in the 6th grade!

“Demonia” makes a pair of steel toed Chuck Taylor’s (low tops). Great for summer. $25-30 on eBay or Amazon. Machine washable.

Hey Seacomber, I searched many work boots from and I couldn’t find something great. I want a work boot which has features like steel toe, soft toe, lightweight, comfortable, high mid sole, anti puncture, and specially that should be waterproof. I found many boots but some reviews are not that much satisfying to me. Can you suggest some brand name or boots name that have these features. I am continuing my research regarding this work boots. Also waiting for your answer. Please suggest some great work boots guys that can give comfort to my foot. Thanks! Have a great day!!!

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