My search for Deck Hand boots

After reading all the old threads back to 2015 most people were going lace and no one ever talked about water getting in. Another was composite vs steel and company policy and winning in court if you went composite.

I have narrowed it down to these boots


or maybe these

after reading reviews on all boots from all the web sites some one had something to say about all of them


Red Wing has lace ups that are waterproof, both in steel and composite. Similar pricing.

Depends on the company I suppose but where I was the boots had to conform to some alphabet soup standard, and the composites did.

$79 boots fuck no. I’m single those types of boots are for the poor

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if it makes you feel better they are selling for over $200 on the Bates website. Men's Footwear by Military Branch | Bates Footwear

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Two solid years of busy dredge work with these and no complaints…

I wear style #921 from Mason shoes with VA issued foot inserts. good for feet and back but what I liked was they absolutly will not slip on deck.
I’d recommend them for the eng. dept. as they’re low top, get them on with a shoe horn, no lacing !!