Working on deck, what type and brand of work boots do most of you prefer? Are lace up or slip on preferred? Just wondering. Thx

My post isn’t going to help much as I currently work as an assembler making industrial ventilation fans. I wear myself a pair of 8" steel lace up Thorogoods. Made in the USA.

My first pair of boots, so I can’t much compare them, but I find them comfortable. Often I forget I have them on when I get home. I’ve had them less than a year.

I believe people will mention Xtratuff Boots though.

I’ve had both no real difference in durability or comfort between the two.

For daily wear anything from here is great…

For me, depends if decks are awash often or not.

If so I like the Northerner Max boot in warmer weather, its lighter and very comfortable. Believe they are made by Honeywell now.

Cooler I like the Xtratuffs and cold I like the Guy Cotten Astron boots. “Foam boots” as they call em.

Dry decks on say a light oil barge or ship I like leather boots and I prefer the snugness of laceups, preferably Redwing. I prefer slip-ons like a wellington or western boot, at home. Preferably Chippewa.

Red wing slip ons/wellingtons here. For some reason I hate dealing with laces…guess I am kinda lazy that way. Red wings are expensive, but you get what you pay for.
At times when I’ve been working for a company that doesn’t cover boots and I gotta pay, if I’m tight on money I’ve gone wolverine. Cheaper than red wings and still make a good pair of boots.

I work on a boat with a low deck so I’m always in rubber boots. I went and bought a pair of steel toe muck boots from cabelas. There comfortable, kinda heavy, but if any of y’all are hunters like myself then you know they’re worth it… It depends on the boat, what chemicals you mess with all that. In the engine room I wear Justin’s, and Justin’s only.

Redwing 4448’s for engine room, machinery spaces, etc. Not on deck a lot so cant say how they would work there. My work provides them for me which is cool. Seem to to be good in hot weather, toe guard seems durable, and much better than the stiffer red wings we used to get. Average about 5-7miles a day, sometimes up to 10. No complaints after a year of wearing them.

On my third pair of these…

Blundstone 162…Slip-on, steel toe but very lightweight and comfortable. They hold up to the abuse.

Are there any boots similar to Xtratuff that are made in the USA?

[QUOTE=fishyluke;167961]On my third pair of these…

Blundstone 162…Slip-on, steel toe but very lightweight and comfortable. They hold up to the abuse.[/QUOTE]

Almost bought a pair of blundstones one time…where I used to work at, we had a vendor that sold them. They seemed like a good boot and the interesting thing about them is they are Tasmania’s answer to red wings, from what I heard.

[QUOTE=Ultraclassic;167950]Working on deck, what type and brand of work boots do most of you prefer? Are lace up or slip on preferred? Just wondering. Thx[/QUOTE]

It’s mostly a matter of personal preference. I’ve been wearing steel-toe, eight inch Red Wing 2233 lace-up boots in the woods for a long time. That’s usually what I wore on the ship when I sailed on deck as well. Lace-up boots might be better if you’re putting on lots of miles, like C/M on a big RO/RO.

On the other hand pull-ons are more convenient. When I was working on tugs I"d get called for watch and I’d pull on my boots and then I"d have to sit there for a minute to gather up the wherewithal to get them laced up. That was bad because some mornings sitting there I’d slip into a existential crisis. Never a good way to start your day. I’d be Ok once I got my coffee. When I mentioned this to a ship mate he immediately suggested slip-ons. That worked out as I’d pull on the boots, get the coffee and skip the crisis.

I have a pair of Red Wing Pecos pull-ons for short forays or just knocking about but I still lace on the old 2233s for a long hike. But never till after I’ve had my coffee.

Never had a pair of Doc Martens. Thinking about it though.

I always wore red wings until a few weeks ago. I got a pair of doc martens and my feet are walking on a cloud. 12 hours a day for the past month and they don’t hurt. Would buy again.

Im on my second pair of these…

I have the same pair. When ordering just make sure you check the size. They are sold in UK sizes.

I’ve worn lots of brands: Georgia, Carolina, Wolverine, Caterpillar, Timberland, and Red WIngs. The Red Wings were definitely the most comfortable. (Thank you Horizon lines for giving me a big fat coupon!) I do recall Georgia being really good to.

The one thing I whole-heartedly recommend is going composite toe over steel AND aluminum. It will save you weight over steel and will not get cold like the both of the alloys. I learned that the hard way getting stuck on deck and on the bridge for extended periods of time in DPRK in winter.

Here’s an earlier thread on the subject:

Thanks for the responses. I have worn Bellevues, for many years now, but the responses about the toe getting cold is correct. I wore them while flying in the Navy and as great motorcycling boots but don’t think they will work out working on deck.


I have really enjoyed my Keens. They’ve really held up, comfortable, waterproof … I even wear them off the boat.

RedWing Pecos are my choice for working in the ER. I went with slip one because I get them on faster when I would get a duty alarm in he middle of the night. They last a while and are very comfortable. One of the few Redwings that are still made in America