What is your preference?

For working on deck, do you prefer lace up boats or Wellington type?


Definitely wellington but some guys criticize because they supposedly don’t offer enough ankle support. I say screw 'em, they’re my boots and my ankles.

I will be curious to see how this turns out. Going to say my preference is lace up because I have never had Wellingtons.


When I worked on deck I preferred Lace up…

I have no clue what wellington is but in the wheel house I prefer the slip-on.

Would still feel the same way if I had to go back on deck. (Lace up )

Wellingtons, for being on deck or in the ER.

Now, I must say that when I’ve worked places that allow one to wear shorts, I go with slip-ons or I think they are called chelsea style.
I don’t like laces either way. Always figured your chances of getting the inside of the boot wet were higher with laces.

Wellington composite toe

Steel toe Muck Boots. I bought a pair about 6 months ago and love them. Slip on inside, muck boot outside…

I am or was a Chief but I always wore Lace Up Boots both in the ER and when I had to work on the Deck while working in the NE. Once I made the move South, I switched to Wellingtons as they we just more comfortable. I used to swear by Redwings. Now, they were a little tough breaking in but after that they were some of the best and longest lasting boats that I owned.

Ctony brought up an interesting note. Has anyone had experienced with water ingress, with lace-ups, from under the tongue?

Docksiders or nikes when I decked.

Steel toe Redwings when on deck, sneakers in wheelhouse. I use mink oil to keep the leather soft on my Redwings, I’ve had them for five years now, a good shoe in my opinion.

Same here. I wear Redwing 10" loggers.

for as little time as I spend on deck I’d rather have the convenience of Wellington style, but I have fat cankles that generally rule that out. So it’s redwing lace ups for me

What are Wellingtons?

Fancy word for a slip-on, laceless boot

[QUOTE=Ultraclassic;172338]For working on deck, do you prefer lace up boats or Wellington type?[/QUOTE]

Wellington, if you ever end up swimming on the job you might be able to kick 'em off…

BTW, what’s a “Lace up Boat?”

I’ve always worn lace up boots. I would try the others but I don’t want to buy them and decide after a month I don’t like them.

When I was going to sea, I always wore lace up steel toes. . . (engineer). I continued when I came ashore and worked as a field surveyor for ABS, but once I started spending time offshore, I switched to pull ons. They are far more prevalent offshore, what with so much time spent out on deck and on the drill floor (where the decks are far dirtier than most engine rooms) and removal of boots is mandatory. After almost 30 years, I still like my Redwing Pecos. . . . but I think that I would still be wearing lace ups if I were at sea. I spent quite a bit of time at dirt tracks on weekends taking pictures, and my boots of choice are lace up hiking boots.