Steel Toe Required, What Are The Best Work-Boots?


Those are NICE!! One question, are they fairly slip resistant when the soles get wet?


Yessir, even got a big red X on the bottom of the sole claiming oil resistance. I’ve got the lined ones which do get a little warm during the hotter months. But, I knew this going in as I wanted some decent boots for foul weather.


Dr. Martins Wellingtons are comfortable, but for all around protection go for Dr. Martin Outland riggers. They have an electrical rating, are water proof, light weight, and comfortable, all without being hot.


I’ve been wearing a pair Redwings since 2010. I have to cushion where the top of the steel toe meets the leather. I use the felt side of Velcro tape, sticks pretty good and provides a barrier to the harsh edge of the steel toe on tops of my toes. But why should I have to do this with $200 boots? Thanks for this topic, I’m going shopping.


Check out the Dr Marten Outland ST Rigger’s. Soft oiled leather, steel toe, waterproof, electrical hazard protection, slip resistant, ankle protection, etc. Just my 2cents.


I wear Timberlands with a composite toe in them. WAY lighter than steel toe. They’re not the longest lasting boots out there, but since I can get them for $90, I don’t really care if I destroy them. They just get chucked when I’m heading home.


We started wearing Red Wing Model 2491 (sorry, don’t remember the name) at work a little over a year ago. Slip on with a ratchet/airplane wire for a lace. They are real comfortable and long lasting. Wish I had these back when I was sailing Mate on a bitumen tanker, they would have done well on the heated decks. A bit pricey, but they are long lasting and come on we all need to be better steward’s of the environment, don’t buy cheap and toss after only a few months, what a waste of resources.


Ended up buying the Timberland Pro series. Very comfortable from minute one of use. The new Timberland Pros have a wider steel toe cap. Great boots for a wide fat footed fella like myself. Had the Red Wings and endured 2 years of misery with the uncomfortable and barely padded toe caps. If you have wide feet, this might be the answer.


Wow I’m gonna order a pair,I’ve never been able to find steel or safety toes to fit me,and I’ve tried just about all of them.they all dig into the inside edge of both big toes.i try to make sure I have them on when the safety guys are around but get caught and written up on a regular basis.they hurt like hell!!


CaptB, I can’t get your attached image to load, what brand and model did you buy? The Justins I bought are killing my wide feet!
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Can’t remember the exact style. Didn’t know anything about them until the lady put them in front of me. Holding up really well though and quite happy with them.


Stay away from catapillar boots. 3 hitches and the bottoms are flat and slick. Been slipping around on deck this last hitch. Best pair I have had is a wolverine slip on (lasted 3 years).


My first pair of boots where from a small handmade shop that had many local working class admirers, comfortable but lasted less than a year. The second pair I had where Dr Martens, very comfortable but didn’t last more than a year. The 3rd pair where Wolverines which I loved. They lasted almost 5 years until my captain (thinking a contractor, who wore the same kind, left them on “his” bridge) threw them overboard. After that I got free redwings from the company… but I can’t remember a pair lasting more than 6-9 months.

One pair of redwings lasted only two weeks… but that was my fault for not diluting the brine enough before entering the tank (yes it hurt & yes I had to cut them off).


I have Georgia Boot, Chippewa, Doc Marten, Carolina, Red Wings, Danner, and a couple of other miscellaneous boots, the most comfortable out of the box I have ever owned are Timberland Pro Series, that I found at this winter at Gander Mountain. They fit my wide feet well without the toe cap rubbing a blister/callous onto my pinkie or big toe, I bought some slightly insulated ones for Antarctica, but will hunt up an uninsulated pair when I go back to work in warmer climes. I have heard from a couple of people they don’t last as long as some other brands, (Probably because the leather is so soft) but at $120 if I get a year out of a pair I’ll be happy.


This probably sounds like a crazy topic to outsiders, but I know many of you have had to endure 12 hour watches in toe bitter steel toed boots. Bought my Timberland pros at Sears. The label on the box had the magic “W” for wide fat boatman feet. Every morning when I put them on I’m amazed the damm things are so easy and comfortable. I’'m sorry for those American workers at Red Wing, but why are they being so stingy with wider toe caps? I’m frequently transferring from vessel to barge on wet decks and I’m enjoying excellent traction. Nothing worse than getting ready to make a move and wondering if your boot will slip like a roller skate across the wet steel deck.


I also recommend the Timberland Pro Series. Ive have several pairs over the last 13 years and they have always been more comfortable than the Red Wings, Caterpillars, or Magnums i’ve owned. Yes they are not made in America but comfort is number 1 on my list when buying boots I wear 12-16 hours a day. The most recent pro series I have been wearing is the Timberland Pro Titan 6’’ Waterproof composite toe boot.

After almost a year they are still holding together very well and are just as comfortable as the first day I put them on, but when Zappos had them on sale for $150 i got another pair to replace my current ones down the road.


Great posts, I’m glad I did a search before starting a new one!
I need a pair myself and will be looking at the timberland and Doc M’s as I have owned both brands in the past and liked em. I’ve never liked slip-on boots though. (Doc M’s) any other Doc M’s that are good that Lace up??


Picked up a pair of Wolverines - 6 inch. Look good,feel good. I’ll let you know how they do. $120 total. Got em’ local from a real boot shop. The back room looked like a shoe machine museum, darn cool. - Cramers Shoe repair in Marinette,WI.


I have been waring a pair of Justin’s flat steel toe for about 4 months man i swear i don’t thank you can find a better boot.I use to ware Timberland all the time after 3 or 4 months the bottom split and for 120 a pair who can afford to just keep throwing money away like that


RedWings … soooo comfortable with a cushion pad - best shoes I ever owned, especially where climbing is involved and you need a stable boot.

That said, I bought a pair of Timberlands yesterday when I got called back early and was away from home (and my RedWings). Didn’t want to flake out the big bucks for a ‘duplicate’ pair of steel toes - but these Timberlands seem okay.