Which one of you is 32 point manning llc?

My email is all of a sudden innodated with solicitations from 32 point manning llc.

Offering me a deckhand AB STCW position on an ATB for $405.00 a day. Crew changing in Texas this week.

Anyone else getting these?

$405 sounds prettty good for a deckhand, anyobe know if its for real, or a bait and switch?

I have had conversations on the phone with Marcus McNeil, the owner, and his partner (whose name escapes me at the moment). They both seem like stand-up guys and I have known people who have gotten jobs through them before. I would consider it to be an honest operation if that’s what you’re asking.

They appear to be honest now that they do not charge mariners a job finding fee.


That’s a pretty standard day rate for an AB these days whether on a tug or OSV. Some are paying more, some are paying less.

Union scale for an ATB ab deckhand at a certain company in NY is slightly less daily rate.

I was more concerned with “well, the $405 position has been filled but we can get you on a boat for $350 a day.” And btw you have to kick back your first paycheck.

As others have said, I don’t believe that 32 pts Manning is like compass marine or any of those down south outfits that make you sign away your first two weeks or 20%. Years ago I talked to that Marcus dude and despite him seeming like a stand up guy I believe back in the day he charged the mariner like the other headhunters. There’s an old necro-thread here that he was chiming in on. I believe 32 points nowadays charges the employer. I would certainly ask all those kind of questions before you sign the dotted line though. I suspect some of these companies are struggling to find qualified mariners so bad these days they may be using these type of personnel companies.

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I filled out the application for shits and giggles. I am comfortable where I am but I like to see what I am worth every once in a while.

We shall see how it goes.

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As I recall, Marcus was with Compass Marine or one the similar slime ball outfits illegally charging mariners a big fee.

I can remember a guy on the boat that Marcus had placed getting call from his wife: “Honey, I have no money, your check came but it’s only a few dollars.” I remember him calling Marcus to try to get some of his hard earned money back so his wife could buy groceries.

Post oil field bust, times have changed and Marcus is now apparently playing by the rules.

Most of the jobs Marcus posts pay less than they should, probably because the employer is trying to take Marcus’s fee out of the mariner.

Some jobs pay a lot less than they should, but there are a few good ones. He posts some interesting out of the ordinary jobs.

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I had traded a few emails with Mr. McNeil as recently as a couple months ago, and 32 Point Manning is legit. After the couple emails, my info was forwarded to the company looking for engineers. Ultimately turned down the position but had I taken it, I wouldn’t have had to pay anything to 32 Point Manning. Its easy to register on their website and get emails of upcoming positions also.

I did one job for 32 Points a while back, and while it’s a legitimate operation it is 1099 contract work unless otherwise stated. So while some of the rates may seem appealing consider that you’ll be paying self employment tax. Also office support isn’t the greatest. This outfit is no Atlas or CLS, which explains why the jobs listed are for smaller vessels.