Anyone know anything about 32 Points Manning and their job posting for the SOV's off VIrginia?

Checking out the Gcaptain job board and came across a job opening from 32 Points Manning. They are crewing up some wind farm service boats. Sounds like it could be a decent gig. Never heard anything about them before. Anyone have any knowledge? Feel free to dm. Thanks

They are a recruiting agency. I’ve wondered if they are seeking folks for northstar marine’s growing fleet.

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Hear any scuttlebutt on what they are like to work for? Their job announcement paints a pretty rosy picture.

I’d apply directly to northstar and bypass 32 points. No, haven’t heard anything about how they are to work for.

That posting from 32 points about the SOV/AHTS is not Northstar, but we also use 32 points with good results. My sales pitch for Northstar is pretty straightforward; I spent several years on the boats, transitioned to the office last year, and believe we have a really good group both on board and ashore. Everyone gets along really well, which is not always the case in the GOM

Who’s it for? How many players are doing this windfarm work?

I know ECO, Guice and HOS have or have had boats supporting it.

Is 32 points charging the mariner for these windfarm positions? I know they used to with some postings, and some they don’t.

They aren’t charging mariners for Northstar.

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Add Miller Marine, Stasinos, Fugro, HOS and GO (Guice Offshore)

I just finished a job where they were surveying the areas where they want to place windmills. There had to be 5-6 OSVs running back and forth as well as my own boat dropping and deploying buoys and bottom arrays.