ECO Hiring Personnel

I applied with ECO several years ago and was offered a position but by the time they had contacted me about it, I had already accepted a position elsewhere. I am about to do my 500 ton upgrade but for now just hold the dime-a-dozen 100 ton. I will have it in about three months. I would like to reapply there for the crewboats for now and send a resume but can’t remember the guys name or even know if he is still there that I spoke to before, not that it really matters. I want to say his name was Brian something. Anyone have any ideas? Nicky Collins and Laverne Reed neither one rings a bell with me.

Sorry, wrong forum area. I reposted in the correct one if an admin can delete this one. Thanks!

Nicky Collins does the hiring for officers. You can try for a crewboat captain spot but good luck. Almost every person on a Chouest crewboat is an Ab with a 100 ton license just waiting for a captains position to open up. If you really want to work at Chouest apply as an ab and work your way up. That’s what I did.

Thank you. I thought about doing the same but don’t have the RFPNW on my MMC right now. They are making me do the assessments. I appreciate the response though. I also thought about doing the same at HOS. I want to go to either ECO or HOS. They seem to be the places to be to stay with and grow.

Well your right about that bud. Good luck to you

Thanks and the same to you.