Working with aco

I have been thinking of applying to aco after the first of the year. Been offshore in the oil field for 9 yrs. been a 155 ft crewboat captain for five does anyone have any info good or bad about aco. and will just crewboat time hurt me or do you think they will give me a chance. And if anyone knows the pay it will be very helpful thanks

All I know is their boats seem to be well maintained and clean with a fresh coat of paint at all times. I think that’s a good sign. I’ve looked at some of the specs on their boats and some of them haul a pretty good deal of mud, dry bulk, fuel etc. and because they’re under 100 tons they’re not required to have licensed engineers. I’ve always wondered how they handle that. It could be a lot of extra work and responsibility for the captain or you could have a good unlicensed engineer. I’d check about that.

I talked with ACO yesterday and was informed that the guy in charge of hiring was let go. The lady I spoke with said they will most likely be no hiring for a week or two, if not until after the holidays, they have to find a new hiring manager or managers.