Gulfmark Offshore


Hi all. Does anyone have experience with Gulfmark? I’ve heard some opinions (good and bad) about Rigdon, but I am curious how things are now with the new, larger company. Are US citizens allowed to work in foreign markets? Any guesses about pay for an unlicensed engineer with oilfield experience? Typical rotations (guessing 30/30)? I have all required STCW OOW, PIC, etc.

Thanks for any info/opinions.


I was in Homa 2 weeks ago and they had 5 of the 190 series work boats tied up, and one crew boat. So I don’t even know if they are hiring.

Had a friend there and he liked till he left to go overseas with a different company. This was all before the slow down, but he was working 28/14.

The only way to go overseas is with a license, they might take a few AB’s along to ferry the boat there, but then those spots are taken over by locals.


not any license either, you got to have 1600 grt NC minimum


Thanks guys. Surprised it’s not equal time rotations. What do they have for engineers aboard? I hold 1 A/E Motor, Steam, Gas Turbine unlimited tonnage/power with full STCW OICEW. I just realized my original post said unlicensed…typo. I wasn’t sure if they use locals in overseas markets or keep the officers US…


If you can get DDE 4000 HP or what ever added to your license then you might be able to find something with somebody. I’m not really sure of the engineering license structure, but I think you can get that added with the grade you already have right?


His License trumps a DDE 4000HP.


A buddy of mine (US Citizen) is the Captain on one of their 210’s working in Trinidad. He says they are ok but is willing to put up with alot for the opportunity to work in Trinidad.


By a lot. :slight_smile: