3rd mate with US green card

I recently have moved to US on green card from India, I have been sailing with Indian management company as a third mate and am the holder of 2nd mates license of foreign going vessels. As I researched I know that I am not eligible to get USCG credentials for third mate as US citizenship is mandatory for this.
Is there any way for me to switch to offshore industry? Or is US citizenship mandatory for this too. In general I’m really confused on how to proceed ahead as this is entirely new atmosphere for me.
I have 7 years of sailing experience as a cadet and third mate on LPG, Product, Chemical and Asphalt tanker. I too have sailed on AHTS vessel as a cadet.
If someone can just guide me in the right direction that would be really helpful.

The citizenship requirement applies to qualifying for a license, nothing to do with area of operations. I think you can get an OUPV with a green card. In any case, I wouldn’t take a stranger’s word on an internet forum for something this important unless his name is @jdcavo. Or you could look it up in 46 CFR

There are many foreign officers with green cards sailing as unlicensed ratings on US vessels.

Your choices in the US are to work in a shoreside role or sail as an AB.

You could sail as an officer on US owned foreign flag of convenience ships. Being in the US with a green card that eliminates visa hassles might be an advantage for you.

Or you could sail on US flag fishing boats or yachts where no license is required.

You don’t need a license to work as captain of a private yacht for an owner but I’ve never heard of an insurance company willing to provide coverage unless that captain has a license.

Thank you for this insight i will definitely look into this. And do u have any idea if i can get into oil rigs or drill ships as an 3rdmate with my current license.
Again your insight is highly appreciated.

Well thats true the wages are good and could move back. But the thing is my entire family is here. Soo eventually one day again i would have to move to US. Soo better to start now when im still young. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh. I had no idea about this. I guess that can work too until i can get my license. Thank you soo much!!!

That’s very likely possible. You need the right to work in the US to work in the US Gulf of Mexico but you don’t necessarily need a US license since no drill ships are US flag.

The requirements here are only right to work in the US without sponsorship and valid license in your home country. Apply and see what they say. :man_shrugging:

Thank you very much. I am definitely applying for this as i do have authorisation to work here.
Your response is highly appreciated.