USCG License with Green Card

Good Afternoon All,

I’m new to this forum so I Hope I’m posting this in the right section.

I’m a Dutch Engineer with a 2nd Engineer III/2 Dutch License.

Last year I married my American wife and obtained my Green Card.

I would like to participate in the US economy and work force, my question:

[B]Is it possible for me to obtain a USCG 3rd Assistant Engineer license without being a US Citizen?

[/B]I hope that someone can help me with this.



I’m afraid you might be out of luck there.

Section §11.201(d) of the relevant US law requires officers to have US citizenship.

Sorry about that. We need good engineers in this industry.

Here’s a link citing the regulation:


That is such a disappointment…

I have a bachelor in Marine Engineering, 2nd Eng unlimited license, 6 years of offshore experience and all related certifications including TWIC, STCW etc.

And now I have to wait 3 years to work on a US ship.

But I am allowed to join the Navy?

There are so many jobs for engineers on US flagged ships. Does anyone know if I can approach someone to try and forward a special case somehow?

I really want to participate in the US workforce and I want to start a family with my American wife.

Thanks guys,