Dutch STCW to USCG license?

Hey guys,

I’ve tried searching the forum about this, but I’ve only found vague answers to my question, or the topics were very old.
My situation is as follows: currently I have a dutch license (CoC), which is STCW accredited. I have the following endorsments on my license:

  • Chief mate, all ships less than 3000 GT
  • Maritime officer no limitations
  • Officer in charge of a navigational watch, no limitations
  • Second engineer, all ships with a propulsion power less than 3000KW
  • Officer in charge of an engineering watch, no limitations.

In July, I’m marrying an US. citizen, after which I’ll get a greencard and permission to work.

Now my question is: Will I be able to work on US ships with my Dutch license, or, will I be able to get an uscg license (or endorsment?)

thanks a lot,

To work on any vessel of any flag, you need documents issued by the flag of the vessel. That would be either original certificates issued by the flag, or a certificate attesting to recognition of another flag’s certificates (aka "endorsement’). The United States does not currently endorse the certificates of other countries, so you would need original certificates issued by the United States. You would need both the “national endorsement” (aka “license”) as well as STCW certificates. Other than national licenses for vessels of less than 100 gross tons, you must be a United Sates citizen to qualify for an officer endorsement (license), being admitted for permanent residence (green card) alone is not sufficient.

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You’ll have to retake everything.

That still doesn’t get him where he wants to go if he is not a U.S. citizen.

He can sail in an unlicensed capacity if he has a green card but not licensed until he gains citizenship.

Of course not. In his case, it is- I believe, 3 years from the date of issuance of the permanent resident visa to being able to apply for citizenship.

You’re right, it’s 3 years if you are married to a U.S. citizen, 5 years if not. It might take close to 3 years to meet all the requirements.

A non-citizen admitted for permanent residence (green card) can get a rating endorsement as a resident alien. The STCW will be the hard part, once a citizen you can get an original U.S. Chief Mate or Master national endorsement (license) with service on foreign vessels under a foreign certificate.

Most shipping lines now insist on citizenship, even in the unlic capacity.

Assuming that he decides to go that route, he’ll have to join SIU and as a C card. Currently, the only C card jobs available in the hall are the 1) Pride of America and 2) the Crowley operated MSC fleet (which the A & B cards prefer to avoid), which requires citizenship.

I believe that it takes almost a year now to make the conditional green card permanent and a minimum of another year from the date of application to becoming a citizen, not to mention the time that it takes for him to receive the conditional green card. The OP has a long 6 years ahead of him.