USCG recognition on foreign stcw certificates and license

Hi i am second assistant engineer presently in US with non-immigrant visa. I am not US citizen and hold all stcw certificates and license issued by india. Is there any chance i can get job in US flagged vessels with certificates i have. If not what is other possibilities i have to continue my seaman career here…pls share your knowledge…thank you

Join the Cruise ship fleet. They are foreign flag (mostly Bahamas) but American owned and/or operated.

Many trade exclusively in the Caribbean from US home ports and accept STCW certification. (With CEC from flag state)

Only US citizens can obtain US national licenses and STCW endorsements.


And you need a US issued license (CoC) to work on US flag vessels.

The United States does not recognize certificates issued by other countries, you need original documents issued by the U. S. Only citizens can receive officer credentials, and only citizens and non-citizens that have been admitted for permanent residence can receive ratings credentials.

Actually according to Manila a foreign CoC should be translated into a CEC by flag state but as the US is that protectionist it is no wonder that US CoC’s do not meet UK standards…


Even if we issued CECs it wouldn’t matter because it’s not legal for someone with one to work on a US flag vessel.

Seems a tad unfair then that you want the recognition of a foreign flag state then :slight_smile:

I do know from personal experience that the variety of particularly USN certificates precludes a UK CEC -this was trying to help an ex-pat USN PO apply for an EOOW or Class 4 as it was then, job.

Without foreigner officers the Dutch fleet could not function. On Dutch ships 56% of the officers is Dutch, for captains this is 74%. A survey learned that the second biggest group are the Russians (2648), after the Dutch (3340), Oekrainians third (1329), then Filipinos with 1293 and the British with 637.

Furthermore there are officers of almost all European countries, especially the Baltic states but also from places like Vietnam, India, China, Turkey, Cape Verde, White Russia (Belarus) and even Ghana.

If the captains are at 74% and the officers are 56% seems like the percent captain is headed for a decrease as they retire.

There are no guarantees implied even if one sets aside the citizen/residency requirements.

What is it with foreigners who feel entitled to our licenses? Protectionist? It’s a national security issue. There are damned good reasons why one must be a US citizen to obtain a US national license.


The Dutch fleet consists of about 1080 ships (US fleet about 170). You will need about 1500 captains of which 1100 hundred are Dutch and there are about 6000 Dutch officers including an estimated 1100 C/M’s. So the pool for promotion of C/M’s is rather big and a further decrease in the percentage of captains seems unnecessary.

If the pool of officers is 56% Dutch how does it work that the percent of captains remains at 74% in the future?

That’s fine, I only need one.

Good question, I really don’t know because there are so many variables. For instance today’s young people are less and less interested in a maritime career. The millennials have been spoiled, pampered and are worshipped by their parents, all like little princes. They choose all kinds of soft and often creative studies. So the nautical schools, I am afraid that we have no Academies just simple schools, have big problems to attract students. Also the drop out percentage is growing as a large number quit their study when they discover what is required of them once they are at sea, far away from mommie. So I expect that in the future both percentages will gradually decrease even more.

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National security ? Get over yourself : national protectionism…

Jones act, QED.

Damn straight. You aren’t the first whiner to come here and cry about it or the Jones Act.

I need to get over myself? I’m working. US license holder. Would you like a Kleenex to dry your tears?


There are some Dutch outfits I wouldn’t mind working for.

For example:

Hot stuff, nee?

Do you have some more bullshit to peddle? You have to be a moron to start a maritime career today. No job security and no status. People on shore couldn’t give a single fuck about the future of our business.

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Jeez, I thought this was a discussion forum rather than a place to hurl insults?

As a point of order, could you explain to a foreigner then why Trump suspended the act for Puerto Rico?

Yes I have, wait a second. Thank you very much for your kind words. Much appreciated to have a grown up conversation with a fellow mariner.

I rest my case.