Gulf Fleet Job Openings


I was prompted by an employee who works at Gulf Fleet to post a thread on GCaptain in regards to the job openings we currently have. We currently have openings for a couple of different positions of which some require a US license and some may require a Panamanian License. If we really like a candidate and they do not have a Panamanian license we will pay for the individual to get one. ALL JOBS ARE DOMESTIC/GULF OF MEXICO. Here is a brief list of what is available:

(2) DP-2 Mates’s on a 250’ new build
-schedule will be 28/14 and requires a DP-2/Unlimited Certificate

(2) QMED/Oilers (1 on a 250’ DP-2 newbuild and 1 on a 225’ DP-1 that is about 18 months old)
-schedule will be 28/14 and requires a Z-Card/MMC and experience pumping mud, bulk, fuel, etc…

(2) Licensed Engineers on a 200’ DP-1
-schedule will be 28/14 and requires a Z-Card/MMC and experience transferring large quantities of fuel
-Vessel has no bulk or mud capacity, it is setup to carry large quantities of fuel/methanol

Applicants must fill out an application online and be able to pass a physical, drug/alcohol screen and subjected to a random drug screen program. We do more random drug tests than the majority of OSV operators so please don’t apply if you can’t comply with this. We do offer 401k, health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, LT Disability, travel pay and Life Insurance.

Thanks for your time,

Chris Dugas
Personnel Manager

Welcome to the forum Chris.

Yes welcome. You will get interest in these positions, but it should really be posted in the “Maritime Employment” section.

Capt. Andrew,

You are completely correct and all job openings from here on out will definitely be posted there.


Chris, what is up with the Panamanian flag?


We have 2 ex-Seismic vessels that we have run as Seismic Support Vessels over the last 10 years or so. Gulf Fleet started out as a Seismic Support company but shortly after went into the OSV market. Those 2 vessels are Panamanian flagged and we have worked all over the world and kept a foreign crew on the boat for those years. We have recently lost our OCS Exemption in the Gulf which doesn’t allow us to keep foreign crews on the vessel when they are here working domestically. If we want to work the vessels we have to put American crews on the vessels and get everyone a Panamanian license for their position (nothing more than filling out a little paperwork and waiting a week or so).

The vessels are setup to accommodate 40-56 people and we have been getting quite a few calls for using them as Hotel Boats. Nothing set in stone but would be for oil spill clean up and potentially a few other long term jobs.

Hope this helps.

Chris, Understand. Thanks for clarifying. We’re just finishing up a flotel job now, with 150 POB’s.