Offshore Hiring?

I currently work on the Western River system and would like to make a move offshore. I realize the maritime industry is being adversely affected by the weak economy, but I would like to get an idea of who may be hiring entry level positions offshore (Gulf, Atlantic, Pacific). I do hold a 100grt Inland master and 50grt Near coastal mate license. Any input is GREATLY appreciated.

50 GRT is going to make it very difficult to enter the GoM as a captain. Might have to think about if you are willing to enter the market on deck in order to get the time you need to achieve the 100GRT N/C. The industry is slow all around but especially bad for deckhands right now(from what I have seen personally). Enrty level OS spots are so easily filled that many companies are doing these guys wrong, low pay, no rasises, and dont bother complaining b/c there is a line of guys waiting for your spot type of attitude. You might have an advantage being so close to a 100 ton upgrade as they can start you on deck cheaper before investing in you as a captain…kind of a long term interview if you will.

Some companies dont mind training new guys while others simply want oil field experience. Competition is tough right now as the winter is always slower and things were tough all around this year. That being said the best way to get a job in the gulf is to hit the bayou with your sea bag packed then go hit as many offices as you can. Very frustrating but email applications and phone calls will get almost zero response.

Int’l Marine does have a recruiting office in Bayou LaBatre run by Tom Bender…close to home for you.

I have no experience on the east or west coast but if you come looking in the gulf, best of luck to you and dont give up.

Thanks for your insight on my situation, I’ll check in to Int’l marine. And yes I have heard that just showing up at their office or headquarters works better for landing a position.