Maritime employment - I need a change

Okay guys, I need a change. I want to move to the gulf and would like to get on with crew boats. I have no experience but have been on the water all my life and I have my 50 ton masters. I know I will have to start at the bottom but where? I’ve looked at Texas Crewboats, Tidewater Marine. etc… Any other suggestions. Thanks

Hi Dillard, Try G.O.L. in Raceland LA and International Marine in La Rose LA. Both I think are hiring but the 50 ton license might be a problem. If you have an AB then you have a better chance with that. Good Luck

Thank you very much!!!

Crew boats have no need for AB’s. They hire unlicensed deck crew. Having an AB will look good, but with crew boats not hiring, it really won’t make that much difference I don’t think. Also, paying around $1800 for the 3 classes needed to get an AB isn’t chump change, if it doesn’t mean anything when looking for a job. Boats over 100 tons use AB’s. Crew boats which are essentially ALL under 100 tons don’t need them.

Only the tiniest little bay crew boats will use a 50 ton license. Upgrade to 100 ton to drastically increase your marketability. That said, even with a 100 ton, it is pretty bleak.

There are those of us with plenty of experience in crew boats who can’t get jobs. Loads of crews are laid-off.

You definately need to upgrade to a 100 ton. Maybe you could get on with a dredge company working on that 50 ton. My advice, also get at least a Z-card an AB if possible, expand your marketability, be willing to accept a lower position at a better company, it will be worth it in the long run. Start networking immediately, get out there and present yourself as competent, motivated and READY TO WORK. Do this repeatedly. It takes experience and word of mouth to get hired right now. If you don’t have those all you have left is grit and determination. That has been sufficient for many. If you are not standing in front of the HR guy forget it.

Be aware… GOL has been mentioned as a good company to work for… but my experience with this company is quite different. I lost my job with them based on fabricated comments made by another captain. None of these falsehoods had anything to do with my job performance, safety, or ability to operate the vessel. Nonetheless, the personnel manager accepted these falsehoods as truth without ever giving me the opportunity to refute them, even though I had witnesses to confirm that they were lies. If you go to work for GOL be prepared to toss your individuality to the wind, forget your personality exists, and become a working robot.

This personnel manager even referred to the boat crews as “boat trash”.

This personnel manager even referred to the boat crews as “boat trash”.[/QUOTE]

Well… was she wrong?

Depends on what you think of yourself…me? I’m not anyone’s “trash”.

Yeah I got on Susie’s bad side too

Have been trying for 2 yrs to get my letter of sea time with no avail from BJ Martin… Used registered letters ,all that. Any Advice?

Scuse me… on Her bad side…

I have been told that if a company does not want to give you letter of sea time go to the coast guard and tell them. The coast guard will get involved don’t know if its true but it’s worth a try.

Your canceled check stubs can be used as evidence of sea time at the time of filing your sea time in person ( I did it ) and the uscg will demand the info from the company once you do that . Worked for me …GOOD LUCK

The reason I quit there is because their office was so… any way I NEVER got a check stub,got a w2 did not know what I was actually making till January. Got paid direct deposit like clock work… If you bitch about things on the Bayou it justs makes it worse. I even tried to bribe the office manager to get me an insurace list of benefits. Jimmy martin was very very good to me. But the office was very incompetant.

What Im looking for is a cfr or some kinda statute that will hold their feet to the fire. Reiterating, Jimmy Martin paid me well, kept my vessel up, always had a relief for me at crew change and all the groceries we wanted. It was the office that didnt do their jobs. And if you complain, even tactfully, on the bayou, it is a sure ticket to discharge.

Apparently [B][I]a lot[/I] [/B]of people get on her bad side and when they do their stint at GOL is short lived.

Bambi Roper, Tell me she’s not old and fat

[quote=skycowboy;24653]Bambi Roper, Tell me she’s not old and fat

That’s what I love about you cousin, the only time you open your mouth is to change feet…

No, I will be the first to take up for Suzi… The sales staff, and others laid all their 24/ 7 stuff on her. She didnt get a life.She fired me because I had acourt date and my wife called her without my knowledge, lied to her, saying my mom had been in a wreck. I had no knowledge of this. The whole premise of this post is to say that the boat business in the Gulf is twenty four seven three sixty five and people from the lowliest tacker in the Shipyard to “Mr. I just wanna take Shell and BP golfing and to strip joints” need to understand this. Once you work in the oil business you are always on call. Suzi fired me for a just reason… I wasnt the one who lied to her, I believed my mom was in a car wreck also…

the boat business in the Gulf is twenty four seven three sixty five

And that is why my old company didn’t call a Captain to tell him his wife had died. They didn’t have any relief for him. He found out on his own 3 days after.