In need of advice. New seafarer

I was told to post on here and ask. Im an OS(BT,vpdsd,security awarness) recently got my credentials and I cant find any companies hiring entry level. Its really heart breaking ive applied to and called alot of companies with no luck. I was really excited to get in started in the industry but this is heartbreaking.

Any advice on what to do from here?

MSC if you’re single and/or desperate

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Call the Lake companies; things will start up here soon and everyone is looking. Also, don’t expect to get a job in the Gulf without showing up in person…pack a bag and be ready to go to work after the P.E. and paperwork is complete. Drive and knock, drive and knock.

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Oilfield in Louisiana. At a minimum you could find a Deckhand job on a 100 ton boat (crew, utility, mini-supply)

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Try the SUP

Where are you located? What kind of work are you looking for? Pay expectations?

How long are you willing to go for: 14 days. 30 days, 90 days?

Can you cook for 5 guys?

How old? What is your previous work experience? Education?