with all the damage and work going on in the gulf, How is it that jobs are hard to come by? I hear of Captains having to go to work as deckhands to get there foot in the door. That is crazy, I would never go back on deck after being in the wheelhouse and holding a Captains Lic.

It depends on how bad you need a job.
Actually, the deck is the best place to be. I wish I could go back, but keep my pay the same ; )

Just pick up a copy of the Lafourche Gazette. I saw no less than 6 large advertisements for Captains of all grades. I didn’t even look in the column print to see how many were listed there.

I have seen ads for many Gulf companies in all the major magazines, newspapers, online and billboards. When you apply to the companies, their response (if any at all) is that they are not hiring, they are “only taking applications”. It is very frustrating. My suggestion to the companies who constantly “complain” that they can’t find enough qualified workers is to try answering their phones with a real person who is qualified to answer questions about things like are they actually hiring, whats the rotation, pay, benefits, etc. Beyond that, I think it would help enormously if the companies would get together and put an application somewhere like the omsa website where a person looking for work could fill out one application and all the companies could contact that person. It is not very efficient to go down on the bayou and fill out the same paperwork over and over and over especially when its doubtful if the companies even look at any of that stuff at all.

This industry has ALWAYS been about being in the right place at the right time. It should come as no surprise that companies keep ads up. They want an inflow of applicaitons. It is what the applicants do that counts. Send in your app and then complain when no one calls you right back begging you to come to work, or send in your app and aggressively follow up, pursuing that job like it is the most important thing in the world to you. That is what will get you hired. You have to stand out from the crowd, impress the decision makers.