New to the board and needing some help/tips

Was going into the Army until they dropped the age to 35 (I’m 36) but passed the physical/background check etc.

That said, I worked previously on a tugboat as a deckhand and am looking to get back in the industry. It’s been awhile but my TWIC is current and I have my Z Card. I’m in the East Texas area but able and willing to travel.

Any tips on companies doing hiring for ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated. I have been sending resume after resume to Lafayette and Houma as well as some place called A.I.M. staffing to no avail.

I know times are tough and I am not the only one suffering but any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for letting me post!

Look at the jobs thread. There was an ad for a deckhand on the Galveston ferry not long ago. good luck.

I don’t know if it is true but I heard there was quite a few New Hires at ECO’s training Center a couple of weeks ago. Maybe a good one to look into.

Try Bouchard as far as I no they are looking to fill a couple deckhand spots on a couple units.