Harvey Gulf

What’s the latest scoop on working conditions at Harvey? Schedules, Engineer pay scale, travel stipend? Haven’t seen a disgruntled former employee from there in awhile, things improving?

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I have a few friends over there. Only one of them I talk to regularly. He’s up in the bridge and likes it. He started with them back when they were doing the hiring bonuses. I’ve only heard him gripe about getting bounced from boat to boat a bit. Sounds like for every billet they are paying competitively with every one else. Not sure about their benefits and how they rank with everyone else though. I believe they have a travel stipend similar to ECO.

I talked to them spring 2021 and would have taken the job but was told the only schedule I could do was 28/14 and got a lecture about it, so I passed and went with someone else. I’ve heard since then that they do have some even time boats so not sure if that was a recent change or would have been available from the get go.

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It was okay. I had been working overseas, and ended up back in the Gulf in 2021 with Harvey Gulf. Very few have a regular boat. It’s an okay place to work, but don’t leave anything on the boat… you probably aren’t going back. I believe it is directly related to a lack of licensed officers, and Nick is just trying to fill billets as they come up. I was dealt with fairly there.

Anyone know the actual day rates for Assistant Engineers at Harvey? Also do they still reduce pay when the boat is off contract?