Harvey Gulf gives raise, robbing Peter to pay Paul

HG is getting a $ 50 a day raise starting April 30. Top pay for a 6000 ton Master/CE is $750 with $25 increments in position. AB’s went up to $350 and QMEDs are at $470. Again these are only for 6000 ton OSV’s.

We lost, cooks(Which we never got in the first place), 7 overtime holidays, the Alaska bonus. No telling what else we will loose to make it look like we got a raise.

May Karma treat you justly Shane Guidry.

Wow! That’s some government type mathematics…

At those rates its not even in the ballpark of HOS raises. Plus we didn’t lose any bonuses or benefits.

That’s why I worked for ECO! I guess ratings in Harvey is making way ahead though! But for officers and engineers I don’t think so…Eco can sign me up for another 5 years …right noooowwwww!!!

Look on the bright side, the anorexic Jehovah Witnesses that work there should be happy…

Looks like they are only a half a step ahead of ACO!

Yes it is true, I know some guys that work there, heard from them late yesterday. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is an understatement, sounds like they really don’t give a S**T, about them.
I think they will find it hard to keep people and others won’t be as quick to go to work for them. He will come around when he cant keep his vessels manned. Call it what you want, bottom line is the money. Those who pay will get and keep the quality people, those who don’t, will get whats left over. If it is was $25 - $50, no big deal, but when it is $100-$200 +, that is serious money. $50 dollar raise… Get REAL!!! if it was me working for them, I would tell them to keep it, don’t insult me…it only makes you look like the person you really are… CHEAP !!!

The worst part will be the poor guy stuck on the boat because his relief quit.

Yep, Shane Guidry strikes again!
What was once a desirable company to work for, has since, and continues to spiral into the Abyss with a CEO hell bent on ruling his domain with a big stick to compensate for his small stature. A culture of fear and intimidation has emerged leaving employees to wonder what has become of the company they at one time were proud to call home.
Make no mistake, Harvey gulf has some of the most impressive day rates in the gulf for its ABs and Oilers, is a growing company and is now constructing some impressive vessels, which will undoubtedly serve them, well for years to come. However, let us not kid ourselves, most companies with the means to construct, have and continue to do so, pay a competitive wage, and have attractive benefits packages. What separates Harvey from the others comes down to it’s relationship with its mariners, lies, threats, intimidation, and disrespect for the professionals that allow Mr. Guidry to line his pockets is what drove me over the edge.
I don’t expect anyone to take a disgruntled ex employees word for it so just ask around, next time your catching the lines of a Harvey boat, ask their hands a couple questions and observe the thousand yard stare on their faces then pat yourself on the back for deciding not to stop in to fill out a application.