GOM raises?

I hear both hornbeck and Harvey just got bumped again. Any ideas?

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Big if true…

I’ve heard ABs and QMEDs have gotten the biggest bumps. This isn’t new though, it went down a few weeks if not a month or two ago. HOS and TDW gave ABs and QMEDs raises.

Have not heard anything about Harvey other than they laid off some folks due to some 100 grt boats being laid up.

Have not heard much at all about officers getting raises.

I work for HB

yes every one got another raise. As an AB we are almost at $500 per day but not quite


Do you guys work equal time? Is AB OSV ticket sufficient or are higher ranked ABs paid more in this business.

That’s great, maybe time to go back to the deck department… any idea on the other pay rates?

Word around town at ECO is no raises in the near future.

I know sea core moved up to $400 per day after talking to them. And that is the low end of the scale.

HB offers 42/21 21/14 but to get even time you need to find someone else on the boat that wants that too. I file zero and one on my taxes and a 2 week check is over $4000 for a 2 week check.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that “something” wikl be happening in August with Transocean.

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Day rate will explode is my guess

That’s insane.

I wonder how badly the bubble will burst this time?

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The bubble isn’t even paunchy yet…

but I think it will be glorious when it comes!


I have heard this as well

Well from what I heard we should get 5 years of the good pay but I don’t see it going down to like. $200 even with a crash but what do I know

I did a brief look at day rates for drill ships and semis. The highest day rate I saw was less than $400,000 per day. During the gold rush 10 years ago the day rate was up to $600,000 day. Since the OSV companies depend on the largess of the oil companies I don’t see rates for pay getting more than 25% than the current amount at best. If they are holding down the rates for the drillers they will surely hold down the rates for the support vessels.

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Current average for high-spec seems to be over 400 and increasing:

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What onboard crew is included in that day rate? Trying to guesstimate margins. LNG tankers were popping to around 300k last year…with a total crew of ~30.

I think it’s probably too apples to oranges to try and equate to any sort of cargo vessel. My maintenance department alone on a drillship was about 30 people. Add maybe 11 in marine dept, prob 40 between drilling and crane depts. So around 80 rig crew, but since there’s two crews that’s benefits for 160 at any given time, plus travel for at least half of them every three weeks. Cooks and stewards are generally 3rd party but hired by the rig not the oil co. 100 total personnel onboard being paid directly or indirectly by the rig probably isn’t that far off. Like I said, too different an industry to try to reconcile against an LNG tanker.

I do wonder if increasing OSV pay in the GOM is due to the combination of higher day rates and it being long overdue, or also related to labor competition from north east wind crew boats.

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Also carrying $500 million worth of cargo.

They increase pay as required to keep the vessels crewed. It doesn’t matter what the day rate is if they can’t crew the vessel, any vessel. My guess is that the day rate includes the crew required by the COI. Everything else is added to the contract.

Does the pay increase with a day rate increase? Yes, as it becomes more and more lucrative to charter vessels, it also becomes more competitive to crew these vessels with experienced and licensed crew.

Nobody gives away money for free. What is the minimum they can pay for crew? This is what they constantly consider… currently this number is increasing.

They drank our tears :cry:, but now we will feast. It’s the circle of life.