My company just returned our day rate to pre oil field crash(2014?) day rates. I spoke with a ECO mate last hitch, their pay is quickly coming back up. I spoke with an HOS recruiter last month, Large OSV/DP license with all bells and whistles, about $750 per day, I told him to have a nice day.

Anyone else have any news?


Curious minds want to know why you passed?

I’m hearing from a colleague that there is a company in the GOM is offering $1,100 a day for captains and over $450 for AB. Can anyone verify this?

Shit pm the company you think I should apply for as I am a ab trying to get a job anytime after march 6th. I am limited on places i know to apply at

It was comfirmed that some offshore companies did raised their day rates. I heard 1100$ for Captains and C/E, 900-975$ for ch/mates & A/E, 800$ Mates, 385-450$ Abs, 410$ Qmeds, 280$ OS. Ofcourse, it all depends on what or how big your license (OSV or Unlimited), what endorsements you have (i.e. DP Unlimited etc.), what experience, and what boat your ON or going. There you go…I heard it while sleeping…birds are talking loud here​:rofl::joy::rofl:


Hornbeck… heard mixed reports about the validity of the rumor though. As someone else said, it depends on the license and certs I’m sure.

Last time I talked to HOS was around November and their offer was absurdly low, guess they woke up.

Who knows when ECO will do the same, it’s not quickly coming back up…though we do expect it to.

Make no mistake about it, the oil majors don’t want unions on the boats in the GOM either. That would lead to unions on their rigs and that is a windfall that they don’t want to risk.

Now is the time for people looking for jobs to make the companies change what they offer if they want employees. Just declining their offer doesn’t give them insight into what people are really wanting. You don’t need unions to help make change but you do need enough people educating them on what employees want and then it’s up to the companies to decide if they want employees or not.


Word is Jackson is hiring ABs at 400/day, they’ve been stealing all of ours.

We just got a raise and are being paid by license held instead of position worked, were not quite back to before crash wages but I expect theyll have to give us a raise soon. My chief said someone called him from HoS offering him 925$.

If you want to get into the Gulf nows the time


So a mate with a master license can get paid the same as the captain on the same boat, but doesn’t have the responsibilities of being the Master?

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Eh not quite I should have specified, Masters and Chiefs get a pay bump for the responsibility. But 1st on down get paid by license held, its a great way to keep people when there’s no higher position available and also a great to avoid responsibility.


Maybe it’s the first captain, second captain thing. It’s a GOM exclusive rating. :sweat_smile:


I get paid a higher rate for having a Master, NOT as much as the Captain but more than some mates with seniority in the company.

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Must make up for the whole no travel pay bullshit.


Pay enough and it makes up for lack of travel. It’s that pay enough to put up with BS thing again.

At $1200 a day, I could live quite happily without any travel or benefits.

Its a lot cheaper for companies to pay for travel, than pay a higher day rate. Working 30/30 with $900 in average round trip travel costs at corporate rates, that’s only $30 a day.

Would you change jobs for an extra $30 a day? No you wouldn’t. Would you change jobs from a company with no travel to a company that paid all travel? Good chance that you would.

An extra $30 a day and then pay short notice retail out for my own travel doesn’t sound so good, even if its practically the same thing.

If a company doesn’t pay for all travel with a smile, that’s a red flag. Its a company with a bad attitude toward its mariners.


A couple winters ago, I was on a “prevailing wage” government funded construction job with an audited payroll.

That particular company called everybody “captain” and normally paid most of the captains and mates the same salary. The theory being that each ran the boat shifting barges 12 hours a day.

The required “prevailing wages” on that job were significantly more than what the company normally paid.

I cannot say that I really understood how the prevailing wages were calculated. There were several factors that I had never heard of before. Apparently, they were based upon the local union wage scheme.

There was a significant pay bump based on what licenses were held. Although I was just a temp hire sailing as mate, I got about $100 a day more than the regular captain.

So this idea of paying extra based upon license held may not be so unusual.

I can see where a company might pay a little extra for a mate who holds Master of Towing, on the theory that he’s available to sail as master if necessary.

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Which is asinine. Especially when the Masters license is not needed on any of the companies vessels and most that have it are not capable of running master and never will at that company.

Until licensed officers start a parade out the door draining the early and middle career experience employees. We were losing engineers as fast as we could hire them.


You didn’t have to post your name as I knew who you were. That’s why I made part of the comment that I did. Not sure how you think that a raise for a few certain employees is going to stop an exodus from either the ones who did get the extra raise or those that didn’t.

Damn, had no idea that would happen. It came to me via email, so I responded that way.