Entry Level / OS Day Rate Comparison Survey (GoM)

I apologize in advance if this thread duplicates another, but I’ve searched this site about an hour without finding this information.

What is entry level pay at the various GoM OSV / Tug companies? I have a cousin who is looking to change careers after many years of long haul trucking (they’ve had a bad few years), but as a grown ass man with dependents and responsibilities he needs to know if he can financially survive the transition from entry level to AB. Unfortunately I am not even sure what the rates are at my company. Can any of you gentlemen provide some assistance? Examples of the companies I’m most curious about, but feel free to include others:

Otto Candies
Harvey Gulf
Aries Marine
L&M Botruc
Kevin Gros
Laborde Marine

Thanks in advance for you assistance & patience. If you also know the base AB Special rate at a company that would be helpful as well.

ECO day rates for inexperienced OS $200.00 a day.
AB with RFPNW $325.00 day.


Like forest gump said, they must have kept that money because I didn’t see a penny of it. Lol!!

When I spoke with Harvey they said 350 a day for AB w/ RFPNW

Can you fellas find it in your hearts to please help me find any company hiring entry level with no experience z-card, twic, Safegulf/Safeland, and rigging training? I have been looking for 5 moths and have not gotten any closer than when I first started.

I know your pain, I’ve been trying to help out someone I know and haven’t had much luck. I’ve even looked outside the GoM “box”

He does have his TWIC and should be getting his 100T very soon. But no z-card, STCW and other goods like that.

I have gotten several promising leads from my many friends in the industry but my lack of experience is ALWAYS the deal breaker. The HR will always say that they have nothing entry level and to try back in a week or so. Weeks have turned into months and I am desperate here. I am expecting a new addition to my family in 3 month give or take and I new this more than ever.

Tidewater: OS = $70 a day, AB = $125 a day

That was actually in 1998. I guess there’s a trade off now…much harder to get started but much better pay. I remember I used to dream about becoming a 1600gt captain so that I could make $220-$240 a day! I’m sure most of you old timers remember rates a lot lower than that!

I don’t know how “old timer” I would be at 34, but it was $50/day on my first crewboat

My first wiper job in 91 was $40 a day plus OT. My first QMED job was $65 plus OT. My first QMED job on a mud boat was $80 a day no OT offshore. When I got my license mud boat chief pay was $180 a day in 96.

What was gas in 91…like $0.89 / gal

I remember in the early 90s a pack of smokes was also about $1… But I digress

Anyway, I guess pay, gasoline and smokes went up four fold in twenty years, that’s about 7-8% compounded annual inflation give or take. Way more than the rest of the economy. Interesting

If a guy with no experience does enough door to door, eventually (probably not after all that long either) he will find some boat job. He can improve his chances by having the basics: driver’s license, TWIC Card, MMC, and Passport. There is some cost and not every employer needs them all, but there is no reason not to get these basic documents. Next, there are some courses that a guy might take, with BST being the most important. Some of the folks at the schools are good sources of job leads. Always ask the employers what you could do to improve your chances. Then after you have done it, go back and let them know. Learn useful basic skills like knots and splices. These days, developing cooking skills and getting something like a safeserv certification might be quite helpful.

I’ve had jobs where I was sometimes involved in hiring, occasionally right off the dock. I always asked the kids on the dock “what sports did you play in high school”? If a kid said the wrestling team, I hired him. I know someone else who likes to hire football players. If an HR guy played varsity basketball, he probably likes to hire basketball players. I once asked a friend why he had hired a particular scrawny guy in his late 20’s… His response was: “he plays the fiddle.” That fiddle player ended up becoming a good captain.

Yea, wrestlers are great guys to hire!

[QUOTE=ryanwood86;82484]Yea, wrestlers are great guys to hire![/QUOTE]

And especially those boxers!!:wink:

As an O/S in the early '80’s with MSC, my day rate was 29 and change for an 8 hr day. OT was about 7.50. In '94 as an AB with MSC I was getting $6.58 per hr. In '97 when I started at Seabulk I was hired as a Mate for $180. In '03 as Mate with ENSCO. I made $220.

Well Kev, it’s a much different story now than when we were at Seabulk… $ 775/ day now Bro…with Full DP. Get your ass down here!

[QUOTE=rjbpilot;82670]Well Kev, it’s a much different story now than when we were at Seabulk… $ 775/ day now Bro…with Full DP. Get your ass down here![/QUOTE]

Correct me if I’m wrong! So, you are talking about a mate w/ DP unlimited right? 3000 or 6000? How about Master 1600T w/3000 ITC & Unlimited DP? Thanks!

I’m sure he is talking about captain pay.

Sounds like mate or A/E pay to me.