Harvey Gulf?

I have an interview with this company and was wondering if anyone has an opinion on them good or bad?

Thanks in advance

I applied there and they actually called me. No luck though. Spoke with Nick. Seemed like a nice guy.

The captain that interviewed me there asked me if the diesel electric ship I worked on before was AC or DC LMAO!!!

Why is that funny? Our 210’s are ac and our 190’s are dc!

Oh yeah, they were paying $10,000 sign on bonus for AB Unlimited. 5K at sign, then after 90? days the other 5K. Employees were getting 5k for bringing a AB Unl. in. No BS I actually spoke to them.

I’ve been out of the loop for about a year, but if everything works out I’ll be back with my old company instead. They know me and I know them and they’ve been very good to me in the past. So we’ll see what happens.

Does Harvey not hire unlicensed personnel? I noticed their website only lists AB, Oiler, etc. Nothing entry-level.

No harvey usually doesn’t hire unless you have some experience/documents…or know someone with enough pull…

That’s correct, AB minimum for deck dept. Not sure about ER

QMED …unless u work tugs u may get in as unlicensed engineer…

How is Harvey to work for as an engineer? Anyone ever worked there? Even time schedules?

Harvey Gulf a equal time operation? I applied for millenium and Olympic. Totally forgot they got GoM ops.

I ask a friend that works for Harvey, he says they let you work how you want…they will set you up on a vessel that all the guys work the schedule you would like.

That’s Harley Marine Services. This thread is talking about the offshore company Harvey Gulf.

Well I’m dumb lol

Its not about being an dumb its about wanting employees that have experience and not wanting to spend money to train ppl and send ppl to school when u can hire someone that is already fully capable of doing the job with out incident… they hired os’s in the pass for them to just get hurt doing simple everyday task…its not like ECO they have their own school to help take care of those problems (of course some ppl are just an dumb and we cant help those)… if your just starting out in the gulf try ECO you’d have a better chance of getting a job and moving up faster…

I meant it was dumb of me confusing Harvey for Harley.

Are you sure you aren’t referring to his reading comprehension?

That’s what happens when I read my notification b4 reading the whole message…ma bad bro

Lol all good