Harvey-gulf hiring

Hey all,

I was just offered a mate spot on harvey gulf’s Warhorse tug. I go for physical, etc. Mon. The HR man, Mark said they were also looking for 3 AB’s if anyone is interested. They have a web site, harveygulf.com.

Hope this helps someone!!

my buddy called me today and he will be there monday

what is he applying for? I was told they hired another mate for their “big” tugs, is this him?

i am reporting mon. for physical etc. too.

he is going to work as a AB but has a 200 ton master nc, he is trying to get the time to get a towing endorsment

Nice job CT…congratulations…

Thanks Shellback, I appreciate the support.

awesome…i just applied there on friday. I faxed in my application along with my resume. I hope i hear back from them

I’m looking for some information on Harvey Gulf. Hows the benefits and Pay for Engineer Licensed on there Tugs/OSV’s. And how are you liking it over there?

I sent a resume over there through a friend with connections. He passed it off to one of the VP’s in corporate who immediatly forwarded it to the CEO and both were very impressed (so I was told anyway). The ceo sent it via courier to their operations office. They said I would probably be hearing from them in a couple of days. About a week later I called the personell guy and he told me he had got the resume but he flat out wasn’t interested in a guy with a 500/3000 license. He was nice about it though…