Does anyone here work for Harvey Gulf?

Just got offered a job on the warhorse1 or warhorse2 I was hoping to find out whatever I can from the inside before I comitted.

Got a buddy who worked on their supply boats. He says they are a good company, paid ALOT of attention to crew comfort on those boats but they rode horribly. I frequently see the WH1 & 2 and they look like some bad ass tug boats!

I think Azimuth’s buddy got it right. Nice boats on the inside, but ride like shit. Now that is the supply boats.
We all see the Warhorse 1 and 2 around alot. The thing that sticks out in my head about those boats, just running light boat in the Bayou, water is just about going on the back deck. very low freeboard.

One of the good things I have heard, they pay 100% of your hospitalization.

I can tell you another good thing with the Warhorse I & II, other than being some bad ass tugs. They both have internet. That means a lot in my book. Also being big powerful tugs can almost guarantee that she will get plenty of work. Harvey has contracts with Shell to have one of their tugs on the towline for each rig move, that is if nothing has changed. If I had to work on a tug those two tugs would be at the top of my list.

Nothing has changed Capt. Lee, Looking at the WAR HORSE I right now.