Headed to the Bayou, any hot leads?

(Yep, it’s another one of those)
I’m a 1600/3000 ton Master Oceans looking to get back into the oil patch after a 16 year hiatus (sailing on research/gov’t vessels). I worked for Hornbeck until the Tidewater buyout. Have been unable to get the time of day from anyone recently, primarily due to a lack of a DP certificate I believe, although I spent a lot of the last 16 years as master or mate on a DP equipped R/V.

I’m driving over from FL this coming Monday. I plan to hit HOS, ECO, Harvey Gulf, Otto Candies, Oceaneering, GOL, and SEACOR. Any info on anyone else who might be hiring or who I should include on my list would be most welcome, as would any individual contact info. I am planning to ultimately make the jump to unlimited, when I got my initial 1600 ton license (back in the ancient times) I didn’t think I would want to sail on anything which I wouldn’t get to “drive”. There were no OSV’s outside the North Sea or R/V’s other than 3 or 4 which needed an unlimited license at the time. Hindsight being 20/20 I give myself a big “doh”. I did have a blast sailing all over the world with boatloads of co-ed’s making peanuts, but it’s come time to get serious. My preference is really to go to work for one company and stay with them until I retire or hit a ceiling. That being said, I would rather not get onboard with any crew boat/utility boat companies with no prospects to upgrade/advance, though I am getting to the point where I will have to take something soon to just to keep the lights on.
Hemmingway, long story short, any info or advice would be most welcome.
If for some reason you don’t want to post in the thread my email is: slowsailor(AT)comcast(DOT)net

Well I can tell you what I saw when I was down there a few weeks ago looking for deck work…each master/mate applicant I saw submit an application was asked, “do you have DP?”. If they said no, it was a quick " go get it and we’ll talk.".

While DP is an asset to have on your CV, there are companies that will hire without it, and send you to training school. I was hired last spring, the company sent me to both classes, and I am now ready to submit my paperwork for certification.

I also know another Mate 1600 that was recently hired without DP.

I hear if you mention gCaptain you get bonus points :wink:

Thanks for the replies guys.
I will mention the new gcaptain jobs board to all the HR people I come across, I have 11 companies on my list to visit as of now.

Bump for any updates, if anyone knows of ANYBODY hiring please let me know, hitting the highway tomorrow.

Good luck. You might consider taking a step down since you don’t have the DP certificate. Sometimes we have to take a step back in order to take the two steps forward, Also, have you checked out Fairfield? They run seismagraphic boats and with your R/V experience, that might be a good fit. They are out of Houston and the HR guy is named Jeff Hodge 281 615 8499.

Thanks Seadog, I applied for that Fairfield mate job like 8 months ago, I guess it’s a good time to remind them I’m still pumping air in and out. I’ll be happy to take an AB/Mate job to get my foot in the door somewhere half-decent. If I don’t get anything soon I guess I’ll get a chance to finish my book, working title: “If I’d Known I Was Taking 14 Months off I’d Have Written a Book”

I don’t think Fairfield is hiring, though I’m hopeful that we are. that would mean someone here might get the boot!

Things in the gulf are still slow, and so companies aren’t willing to take you on if you can’t just go to work (with DP). I would suggest saving the gas of coming over, since all or nearly all of those companies have employment info on their web site that is fairly current.

You just missed a gravy job at TXDoT running their ferries in Galveston…

Good luck!


hey slowsailor don’t knock us crewboaters we drive it like we stole it…you might check in with cal dive too, they are in lafayette but they have those 4 point boats that need 1600 tonners, they can be a pain but they usually pay well I was making close to 400 as an AB crane operator and I know the mates and captains were doing pretty good on a mostly even time schedule. At oceaneering talk to sheryl arcenaux, You may have luck at eco, for the GOM boats, and I hear GOL was looking. Good luck man from 2 of us other former big white fluffy boat drivers down here south of the Equator

That’s funny. I have two friends at Aries working as mate and they don’t even make 400. Terrible.

GOL is nearly always looking. It’s amazing.

My impression is that almost anyone with an unlimited license and DP can get a job with just about any company right now. Limited tonnage license guys/gals with or without DP need to be in the right place at the right time or really have all their shit in one sock to get with a top tier company. I have something pending but cannot be more specific at this time. I think that things will likely loosen up a bit more going forward as some new builds come on line. Obviously if the price of crude keeps going up the industry will cycle into another rapid expansion (read: bubble). May have already started judging by my layman’s take on the current market metrics.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay while making the rounds of Southern Louisiana, I really recommend Claudette at http://www.achateauonthebayou.com/index.html (A Chateau on the Bayou) She definitely has her ear to the ground and knows just about everyone in the mariner hiring business. She has limited room so call well ahead.

Not so sure about that Slowsailor, I have unlimited master and sailing SDPO since 2002 and still not finding anything since end of November, BUT I think it is starting to pick up. I heard NOTHING from end of November but last Thursday-Friday I had 5 calls. Feast or famine here (LOL). So, finally going out tomorrow. Hope it turns into something good.
Hang in there everybody and keep on plugging away, eventually they will be in a hiring frenzy again. Heres hoping that day comes soon :wink: