Anyone have any leads

Just finished my GMDSS school and submitted for my 1600 ton master NC and OSV 3000 ITC, Right now I just have a 500 ton master NC. I have been with my company for 5 years and it has been a great stepping stone but now it is time to move on. I need to get my DP and Arpa but hopeing to get with a company that will pay for it. I have been running 4 point anchor boats. When I get off the boat in three weeks I will be knocking on some doors. Does anyone have any leads on some good companys that is in the GOM? I want to get with one company and stay working with them for 15 years or more. Thankyou for your time.

ECO hires guys like you as fast as they can. Don’t think the bigger companies aren’t interested and you and you have to settle for another stepping stone.

Good luck

You are miles ahead of others that post here looking for work. Might not hurt to get your ARPA, but I wouldn’t hesitate to start knocking on doors right away with what you have.

I’m not sure if people realize they can come down here with a Master or Mate 500 GRT, get the 3000 ITC OSV endorsement, and be able to step aboard a lot of the larger OSVs that are running under ITC tonnage.

Good luck!

The 1600 will definitely help. Some companies with larger tonnage OSVs don’t like to hire anyone with less that a 1600 but with you four point experience I would hope they would over look that. Usually guys with four point experience are excellent boat handlers and the company should recognize that!

HOS is hiring like crazy. Lots of new builds. I don’t know about 500 ton but it can’t hurt to talk to them. I’ve been here 10 years and don’t plan to leave any time soon

I have a 500GRT Master with the endorsement for 3000ITC (OSV). When I went to HOS they were very nice, but said to come back when I had the 1600.


I have a 500GRT Master with the endorsement for 3000ITC (OSV). When I went to HOS they were very nice, but said to come back when I had the 1600.[/QUOTE]

That’s weird. The captain on the boat I’m on has a 500/3000.

Something about not being able to sail on the 500GRT license once they have finished stretching all their boats.

It just means for now on going foward they only want people with 1600/3000 licenses. No relevance to who they currently employ.


Something about not being able to sail on the 500GRT license once they have finished stretching all their boats.[/QUOTE]

Why not? Those boats not use ITC? That’s like saying we don’t want guys with the 6000, we want unlimited guys.

Hey man, I am just repeating what was said to me. Not my place to question their policies.


Maybe they are taking into consideration if the vessel gets a job doing other than OSV work. Then the 3000 OSV endorsement is no longer sufficient to cover the COI. They don’t want to have to keep recrewing the boat if the operational subchapter changes.

Makes sense to me.

All of our boats outside the oilfield fall under subchapter I. OSV licenses can’t work them

Exactly but you also have to take into account it could be an OSV today and next week an I boat. Look at the Mystique sometimes the customer is doing oilfield stuff then they may subcharter the boat during planned downtime and the leave the gulf. Now the OSV license doesn’t work anymore and they would have to recrew it for that one trip. Why not just hire the license you need regardless of what class the boat operates in. At some point we will reach critical mass and they won’t be able to be so choosey. I don’t understand our hiring process or the philosophy behind it. I guess they have a plan and they will pull this whole thing off.

Companies want master 1600 ocean licenses to be mate of a tug that only needs mate of towing…company (customer) can demand licensing to a higher level regardless of any actual benefit. Just like US shipping crewing ATBs (and the office) with all unlimited crew.

Yep & it means nothing as far as skill. I’ve seen it first hand the past few months. Guys with 1600 master oceans tickets & can’t handle a boat light boat.

Last week a mate got mad with the company he was working for which will remain unnamed an he called up Harvey gulf, he told them he held a 3 rd mate an was a adv dpo the offer him 750 over the phone an said for 1600 ton master with a 6000 started at 850 then after the first quarter it went up to 900 after the second quarter it went up to 950 an after it was all said an done tops out at 1100 a day

I have third unlimited (Stcw , radar) and taking the GMDSS class in July, I hope after the class (and cert) I will be able to find a position (even AB). I have been working shoreside for the last 10 years but am trying to get back into shipping again on OSV’s. Hopefully they also take “older mariners”. Resumes, applications, calls have brought goose egg . Planning on going down via auto in Aug to visit. Good luck to you.
All the newbuilds seem promising.