1600 ton Master Oceans/AB Unlimited looking for leads

Greetings everyone! Long time lurker, not much of a poster here on the forum. I have been emailing resumes and calling everyone I know, but am not having any luck finding anything. The vast majority of my experience has been on research vessels, I have been sailing primarily as Master since 1998. I do not have a DP certificate, although a vessel I worked on as C/M and Master for a number of the past 16 years was one of the first DP equipped vessels in the US. (204’) So I have considerable DP time but no certificate. Idiotically I also failed to get my MOT when I could have easily crossed over. Other than that I have all the relevant classes/certifications for 3000 ton ITC Master.
I worked for the old Hornbeck in the GOM, but have not sailed on an OSV since they sold to Tidewater. I have worked R/V’s out of most of the ports on the East Coast and GOM, and am all too familiar with Fourchon. I have done a sailing circumnavigation and have basically been at sea since the mid 70’s. I would be willing to do just about anything at this point: apprentice steersman, AB, temporary relief, delivery crew, anything with a half-decent day rate and a reasonable rotation schedule. My wife and I have our first child due the 1st week in December and I need to be home then for a few weeks (there isn’t any other available family) Other than that, my seabag is packed.
It is amazing to me how tough it is out there right now.
Thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to give.
I am located in Central Florida.

my email is slowsailorATcomcastDOTnet

Did you see this job opening? http://www.rigzone.com/jobs/postings/112547/Marine_Captain_Master.asp

I saw that in the other thread, Thank you sfmariner, sent them my info.

Stabbert Maritime in Seattle.