1600 ton Master Towing needs help finding employment

Hi All,
You would think that with this license I would not have any problem, but have tryed all the big companies with no luck. My biggest problem I think is I have no Gulf exp. and live in Honolulu. Offering to relocate has not helped at all. I would prefer an overseas assingment but no luck there either. Iam current with GMDSS, APRA but no D.P Iam thinking of pulling up stakes and moving to the gulf area to look full-time. I would love any suggestion anyone can offer. Thank you!

Frank, do you have a towing license? I’m sure you are aware of Sause Bros. ?

Hi Shellback7
Yes I have a towing license, but dont like the interisland work. I would prefer the bigger vessels and to learn D.P

I gotcha, I’ve just seen so many companies looking for guys with that license, lately…

Try Chouest. I know you may have done that already, but there are several vessels in your backyard. Keep trying, you want to be the first name they think of when a position. Living in Hawaii is a plus for these vessels.

Anchorman, when you find some time could you shoot me an e mail…I need to ask you something…Thank you

Thank you anchorman but no luck with Chouest, I have tryed many times with no luck. I think the vessels in Hawaii need (oceans) which I dont have. They are also sought after jobs so other senior employees get them. Iam looking to go to the Gulf and get some exp. there.

I would get Oceans then, but don’t think those are the most sought after jobs, they are good, but I know of one captain that only made it over there because that’s where he landed after I put the last nail in his coffin.
Ask for a position on the “Dove”…whenever they go to Adak this summer you’re sure to get a spot, if not now.

franklnooner- have you tried Resolve Marine?

Resolve Marine requires a 1600GT Captain with Master of Towing endorsement for its Offshore Vessel with anchor handling and towing capability; 207’ and 6000hp with controllable pitch propellers. Work on contract and salvage

Work is located in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and US East Coast, on contract and salvage projects.




Thanks sooooooo much for the job lead and your thought. It is what Iam looking for. Also thanks for the e-mail contact for the company this is a great help. Hope I can return the favor somehow. All the best. Frank

Where did you find the job post for Resolve Marine?

Frank- you’re welcome- good luck.

Bob-- found it here- http://rigzone.com/jobs/job_posting.asp?p_id=57089

or you can go to the website- resolvemarine.com

Also- saw a bunch of MOT positions by clicking on every company here


(got that link from captainjacksparrow)

Take care-Anthony

Change your last name to Theriot or Gisclair and move to Homa, La. Guidry Bros. down on da bayou has the Harvey Warhorse 2 and is in need of a Mate with 1600 ton license to meet the SOLAS requirements. I am told you can also get DP experience there also? Might also try Dolphin Towing. They have big tugs but I heard their insurance may cost you a bunch.
Good Luck

Hi Tugboat146
Thanks for your post. Tryed to find a web site with no luck. Do you have any e-mail contact. I was hoping to send an e-mail off to them and see what happens. Thanks again for your effort.

Something doesn’t jive.
Not to sound like an ass but, you have a 1600T oceans and can’t find work? Is the industry that slow?
K-Sea Transportation is hiring out of Seattle. Call and ask for Clark Jennisen. They’re in the book and the are giving 3,000.00 cash bonus’ for referrals.
They’re not DP or in the gulf but, if you need the work…

If he doesn’t like sailing interisland with Sause, he’ll hate K-Sea. Sause is a sweet gig if you live Hawai’i. And I hear they’re paying transpo now for the mainland guys to come to work in HNL. Both Sause and K-Sea have great training and fairly decent boats.

I feel your pain I put in a resume/application everywhere that had openings for 3rd or 2nd mates nothing. I really don’t want to go back to MSC

Sorry, Try Harvey Gulf they are a part of Guidry Bros. or try Hornbeck Offshore in Covington La. 985-727-2000 or their web page hornbeckoffshore.com

On the East coast you can always get on with Bouchard. Great pay, Nice boats, Nasty boss. If you play your cards right you will never have to meet any of the office people. I know of some damn fine Captains over there and they have managed to stay for a long time. Downside thru no fault of your own you get regularly fired. Then rehired for a dollar or two more.

Wow! How nice of you all by trying to help a fellow mariner… I’m also in the same track (unemployed) but my lisence is quite smaller and full of restrictions ( master 200 inland, mate pilot of towing vessels inland " that’s the MPOTV nick comes from" ) with all the radar and mrop as well. I was thinking of changing the inland restriction on my towing endorsement first to then, change on the actual tonnage on my license for then try to get the so coveted 1600 tons NC. meanwhile in such troubled economy we’re in, it’s been hard on us with lower level licensed mariners, but hopefully things will get better meanwhile, I’ll play it by ears and check on all the good stuff you good people post here and maybe I’ll get lucky!! =0) Thank you all.