Another towing Question for JD CAVO


I’m a AB and I have enough seatime, for my 1600 ton mates, but I would like to stay on tugs. So my question is what is the best route for me to go. 100 ton master 200 ton mate and the apprentice mate of towing, or can I go stright to 1600 ton mate, and complete my TOAR and get my towing endorsment. I’ve asked some differnt schools and have got mixed answers. I have also been to the CG website and that just confuses the hell out of me. So any help you can give would be great thanks.


If you don’t already have an Apprentice Mate license, your quickest route to working as a mate on tugs is to get the Mate 1600 Tons and work on completing a TOAR. If you take the Apprentice Mate route to Mate of Towing Vessels, you need to get the Apprentice Mate license, then get 12 more months before you qualify for Mate of Towing Vessels. Start work on the TOAR right away and sit for the Mate 1600 GRT as soon as you’re ready.

To work on the TOAR, you’ll need to be on a boat with a “Designated Examiner.” If the Captain on the boat you’re on isn’t one, encourage him to get approved as one.


Thanks for the quick answer, I’m glad to your answer. i really didn’t want to have to get the apprentice mate and go that way. Thanks again for your help.


Mr. Cavo,
Wouldn’t it take him longer or along the same amount of time to get the 1600 Mate because of the training requirements?
My understanding was that it would be better for him to get a 100 Master/200 Mate with Apprentice Mate (even though it would take him 360 days to upgrade to Mate of Towing), it would probably take him just as long to sit through the OICNW training. Then he could upgrade to Master 1600 with his sea time and classes if he so desired.

Just a curious question :slight_smile:


oh my, does that not apply because he would be Inland? Silly me if so


You’re right, I was thinking only of sea time. If the license would be for near cioastal or oceans, you would also have to meet STCW training and assessment requirements, and that will add time and expense. It would not apply to Inland or Western Rivers. I suppose you’ll also have to take into consideration where you want to work, and whether or not Mates and Captains in that area are expected to meet STCW.

Sorry for the obvious omission. I’m sure some others would like to be able to forget about STCW.


I work right now on a ATB and I would like to stay on ocean going tugs, Money for the classes I would need isn’t a problem. What I’m looking for is the shortest route to getting my 500 or 1600 mates with a towing endorsment. I’ve been on the CG website trying to find a list of the bare minimum courses I have to take to be able to test but can’t find them, is there anyone who could post a link for me. Thanks again for all the help.



Sorry for the obvious omission. I’m sure some others would like to be able to forget about STCW.[/quote]

Considering all the balls you have to juggle, I’m amazed that you have the time to be so helpful here.

I bet somedays you would like to forget about STCW too! :slight_smile:


If you give me your email address I can send you some of the CG checklists for what you are looking for and you can determine which route you want to take.

Thanks Mr. Cavo, I appreciate all of your help.


NMC also as many helpful checklist on their web site.


I understand that, I’m just having a hard time finding the info on there. All I can seem to find is that I would need approved OICNW courses. I would like to find out what those are, and which ones can I do assesments for and so on. My email is barberm06 at yahoo dot com