Apprentice Mate or tonnage?

I have a 1600 ton Mate license, Inland and WR.
My friend has a Apprentice Mate Inland and WR.
We were discussing, and neither of us could figure out which was the better license to have, as far as running towboats on the LMR and canal. I’m sure that neither is “better,” just wondering what advantages or disadvantages each would have over the over. I know the routes to getting each are different.

With a 1600 ton mate all you need is 90 days on a WR tug and a completed TOAR to have mate of towing WR. He’ll need something like 18 months as apprentice mate and a TOAR before he can get mate of towing.

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Really? “Apprentice Mate” vs 1600 ton Mate? And neither of you could figure out which one was superior? Just turn in your MMCs now and don’t do us all the disservice of using them.

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Indeed. Does your friend realize that his license gives him nothing? He can’t do anymore with it than he could do before he had it. It conveys no authority, he can’t stand a watch alone on any vessel.

I mean he did say mate…but I kinda sorta see your point.

Sorry for delayed response.
I’m referring to the end results, sorry I didn’t clarify.
Mate 1600 ton vs Mate-pilot should’ve been my question.

One of you has a license as mate, the other does not. Which do you think is better?

A Mate 1600 with a TOAR can do everything a Mate/Pilot of Towing can do and more.
Again, it’s a very self explanatory question.
Which is better, Mate or Mate restricted to towing vessels?

By the way, a mate 1600 with 90 days and a TOAR can get Mate / Pilot of Towing added to their license. That makes your question: is it better to have Mate 1600 and Mate of Towing or just Mate of Towing?

As a side note: Never ask a bunch of dicks to judge your dick measuring contest.

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