1600 ton mate oceans

Hi im an AB that just got my 200 ton master mate and apprentice mate of tow and have 511 days of seatime on vessels under 100 gt and 413 days of seatime on vessels over 101 gt for a total of 924… can I get my mate of tow and start any testing for my 1600 ton mate license after 360 more days of seatime, along with finished toar, and the other required pre-reqs I need to do? Can I make the jump? Main goal to get my 1600 ton mate with mate of tow and hidden routes, loopholes or info is much appreciated

There’s a 30day wonder loop hole once you get your 1600ton…if you’ve had your steersman for 360 days you can have your TOAR signed off…

Why after 360 more days? You have enough time for 1,600 ton mate near coastal right now. Complete your TOAR ASAP and apply for mate of tow and mate 1,600 or apply for mate 1,600 and complete your TOAR whole you wait on the NMC and study for tests.

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I’m not sure I’ve heard of this “hidden routes” thing before, but it wouldn’t be the first time I was uninformed. Could you elaborate?

Hidden in plain sight.

(d) Those holding a license or MMC endorsement as a mate of inspected, self-propelled vessels of more than 200 GRT or one as first-class pilot, may operate towing vessels within any restrictions on their credential if they -
(1) Have a minimum of 30 days of training and observation on towing vessels for the route being assessed, except as noted in paragraph (b) of this section; and
(2) Hold a completed Towing Officer Assessment Record (TOAR) described in § 10.404(c) of this subchapter that shows evidence of assessment of practical demonstration of skills.


Once again, Mr Cavo to the rescue!

One you get mate of tow you can apply for 500 master and take the limited exam 3 modules 0r 4 for oceans then 500 turns in 1600 with a year of sear time . But the sea time for master needs to be as master or mate I believe it’s 720 days .

But his license is 200 and less not more than 200 , so he has to complete the apprentice mate time. Unless he held a 1600 then he would be good with a completed toar in hand.

The only time and cost effective route to Mate or Master of Towing is to get Mate or Master 500 tons first, then do 30 days on a towing vessel and TOAR.

The multi year Apprentice Mate route is extremely time and cost inefficient. This is only suitable for someone who is making a five or six year career out of being a tugboat deckhand.

Most people that spend five or six years as a tugboat deckhand are unlikely to progress to the wheelhouse. I very rarely encounter anyone in coastal and ocean towing that is taking this Apprentice Mate route to Mate of Towing. That maybe different in the inland tug and barge trade

I disagree with you everyone I’ve met has been that apprentice route other than academy kids. It’s hard for most people to go 200 to 500 without the sea time as master or mate .

Mate 500 near coastal doesn’t require time as master or mate. See 46 CFR 11.421.

Only 720 days required on vessels ( half of it over 50 tons) for Mate 500.

Then only 30 days on tugs plus a one day TOAR course to get Mate of Towing.

Total 750 days

It takes 540 days (360 must be on tugs) to get Apprentice Mate

Then it takes another 360 days (on tugs) to go from Apprentice Mate to Mate of Towing.

Total 900 days

In the best case scenario, Apprentice Mate takes 150 days longer than the Mate 500 route.

As a practical matter, many guys will have quite a bit of personal small boat experience, yacht experience, party or sport fishing boat experience, or commercial fishing experience, or military vessel experience. The apprentice mate route only allows 180 days of non-tugboat experience. The Mate 500 route allows 720 days of non-tug experience and only requires 30 days on tugs.

I think many guys (with non-tug seatime) will get Mate of Towing at least 360 seatime days, or two calendar years faster by going the Mate 500 route.

At some companies, they have DEs that will sign off TOARs quickly, but many DEs make it take a long time with a lot of butt kissing. Many companies do not have any DEs

The smartest, fastest, and ultimately cheapest (time is money) way to get TOAR is to pay the $2000 for a one of 2 day TOAR course.

The Apprentice Mate route to Mate of Towing may be best for some people, but for many, it’s a fool’s errand.