1600 ton Mate of tow to 1600 GRT Master

On the NMC FAQ STCW area a question is posted asking whether or not it is true that a 1600 ton mate can advance to 1600 ton master with only 1 year of seatime provided that that one year of sea time was on vessels over 100 tons and one held a license of 1600 ton oceans or 1600 GRT Mate of towing, during that year.

The response is “Yes a mariner holding an endorsement as mate of self propelled vessels of less than 1600 GRT or as a master or mate/pilot of towing vessels and who has 12 months’ service as master or mate on seagoing vessels over 100 GRT may upgrade to master of self propelled vessels of less than 1600 GRT”

So I can’t seem to find this explained in the CFRs or on any checklists, so is this in fact correct? And if so what would the testing requirements be? Lastly is the “12 months of seatime” 364 8 hour days?

A year of seatime is 360 eight hour days, or 240 twelve hour days on vessels where that is allowed.

CFRs are indeed difficult to digest. The checklists are easier, but . . . The Policy manual can be helpful.

Generally speaking, if you have a year of seatime sailing as Mate while holding a mate’s license, you are entitled to take the exam for Master. If some of your seatime is on 99 ton vessels, I’m not sure what effect that will have.

For $150 to $500 you can hire a license consultant to help you figure out what you can sit for, present your application properly and explain to the incompentent new hire evaluators at NMC why you are entitled to what you have applied for.

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I can’t say for certain where that is supported in the CFR, if it is at all, but I think it’s bullshit. A year as mate isn’t long enough to qualify someone to be master.

I agree that very very few mate’s with one year of experience are actually qualified to be a master.

I cannot remember that last time I saw a Mate on a tugboat with a Mate of Towing license; they all have Master of Towing. Most tugboat mates have at least 5 years of experience sailing as a Mate, many have 20 years experience and have sailed as Master.

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46 CFR 11.412(a)(2).

Thank you sir… I don’t know why I couldn’t find it, but there it is! I was hoping you would chime in, so the road to Master of T/V is 1600 ton Mate to 1600 ton Master then 30 days of training on that route? The full 5 modules of testing would still apply? I know that some modules are waved if you go from Mate of T/V to Master of T/V, however (and perhaps it is just me) but there doesn’t seem to be a 1600 ton Mate of tow to Master of tow without the 540 days. But going from mate to master to master of TV only requires the 360 days plus the 30?

Good Afternoon,

This is your SLCC’s administrator. According to our Marine Coordinator;

"Per CFR 46 11.412

-360 (8Hrs) Days of service as master/mate t/vs on oceans or near coastal waters on vessels of more than 100 GRT while holding a lic/mmc as Mate less than 1600 GRT oc or master/mate t/vs.

-Mariner holding an endorsement as Chief Mate ocean/nc self-propelled vessels 1600 GRT or more is eligible for this endorsement without further exam."

If you have any questions, you can always give our Marine Coordinator Mr. Carlos Nosworthy a call at (985) 448-5951 or you can send him an email at carlos.nosworthy@solacc.edu.

I hope this helps:) SLCC’s administrator Patricia Dinh