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Good afternoon Y’all,<br><br>I’m looking for some advice and/or leads. My son is in Morgan City looking for a job on a crew boat or OSV. He’s got a 100 Ton Master, 200 Ton Mate TWIC and Unlinited Radar Observer but he’s more than willing to start out on deck. I think that’s probably where he NEEDS to start, having a lot of experience on many different boats, but none in the oil patch.<br><br>He’s already been to Chouest, Tidewater and Odyssea and is on the way to Candy Fleet as I type. He’s got a long list of places to visit but so far nobody but the fellow at Chouest has even talked to him. He said the Chouest guy was really nice and told him to keep applying but they didn’t have any openings. I thought there was a bit of a shortage of qualified people down there, but I guess I was mistaken.<br><br>Do any of y’all have any tips or contacts or know of anybody looking for people? He travelled 1200 to find a job. I’d sure like for him to succeed!<br><br>Any help would be appreciated.<br><br>Thanks

Seacor in Houma, C&G in Golden Meadow, GOL (Gulf Offshore Logistics) in Raceland, and Abdon Callais Offshore in Golden Meadow. All of these have vessels in the tonnage categories he holds. Another one would be International Boats in Larose on 308, right by the ICW bridge.<br><br>Is he applying for a licensed position only, or is he looking for entry level deck jobs as well?

Thanks for the reply, El Capitan,<br><br>He’s looking for anything he can get, within reason. He’s been on deck on tugs and pogy boats, and in the wheelhouse of pogy boats most recently. I don’t think he wants to cook but he’s not afraid of hard work.<br><br>Thanks again

I seem to be in a similar position as his son. im a 21 year old and i hold a 100 ton masters with towing and bst. i would really love to find a wheel job using my license. i really down care the style boat or operation minus inland operations. though i dont have references using my masters license, i have been running a charter boat for the pass year and have had several years behind the wheel of 100footers. im very afraid im going to get stuck in a galley. i have the skills ,not just the papers, and just need oppurtunity to prove my ability. after searching and searching and searching i continue to find my way back to this site, which by the way its one best source of knowledge thus far. really need help making since of everything. any advice is greatly appreciated.

MICrew843-<br>When you say “i hold a 100 ton masters with towing” do you mean assistance towing or towing vessel endorsement? There’s a BIG difference.<br>Towing vessel masters are in high demand.

Day Two on the Gulf Coast… I am Nemo’s son. I am having a difficult time down here finding a job. I thought there was a shortage of “Qualified” people in the industry? Any help would be appreciated! I have been to 17 different companys over the past two days with basicly the same story from all of them, fill out an app., we dont have anything rite now. And I’m trying for all positions, O/S, 100 ton master, 200 ton mate and still nothing. I feel that I have the qualifications as I have a 100 ton master near coastal 200 ton mate near coastal unlimited radar and ten years of seaservice on tugs and 500 ton+ vessels and some engine room experience. MiCrew843, if you have a master of towing you shouldn’t have any problem getting a job. I’m not sure where you are looking to work, GOM or East/West Coast, but there are plenty of jobs. Let me know where you are looking and I may be able to help you out. Anyway any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated, as I only have one more day down here and I need a job! Thanks, Lee

Splash - One more unless you’ve already tried them - Crosby Tugs in Galliano. They’re on the 4 lane, about 3.5 miles south of Wal-Mart and McDonalds. See Spence Guidry, he’s the HR Manager, and tell him some old guys at Chouest sent you his way. Make an impression, and see where it gets you.<br><br>The only other outfit I haven’t seen mentioned here is Harvey-Gulf Marine. You can give them a shout and see what they’ve got going on. Their office is in Harvey (NOLA Westbank), and you can catch them on the way through town.<br><br>One more thought - Delta Towing in Houma. They were an Edison Chouest affiliate at one time, and were bot out by Hercules Offshore. I don’t have anymore info other than what’s at the site I posted.<br><br>Did you try International Offshore, in Larose?<br><br>All I can say is keep at it. At this point anything that pays half a buck will fit the bill until you get the lay of the land in Fourchon, and then you can progress from there.<br><br>Keep us posted…

I didn’t see Hornebeck Offshore (HOS) listed. Have you tried there?<br><br><A href="]</A><br><br>Good luck.

<P>I’m not sure if these are openings or just a list of representative positions.<br><br>The company information si:<br><br><STRONG>Corporate Headquarters<br></STRONG>Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc.<br>103 Northpark Boulevard<br>Suite 300<br>Covington, LA 70433<br>Phone: <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = SKYPE /><SKYPE:SPAN onmouseup=“javascript:skype_tb_imgOnOff(this,1,‘8’,true,16,’’);return skype_tb_stopEvents();” class=skype_tb_injection onmousedown=“javascript:skype_tb_imgOnOff(this,2,‘8’,true,16,’’);return skype_tb_stopEvents();” id=softomate_highlight_8 onmouseover=“javascript:skype_tb_imgOnOff(this,1,‘8’,true,16,’’);” title=“Call this phone number in United States of America with Skype: +19857272000” onclick=“javascript:skype_tb_doRunCMD(‘call’,‘8’,null,0);return skype_tb_stopEvents();” onmouseout=“javascript:skype_tb_imgOnOff(this,0,‘8’,true,16,’’);” IamRTL=“0” context="(985) 727-2000" durex="0]<SKYPE:SPAN onmouseup=“javascript:doSkypeFlag(this,‘8’,1,1,16);return skype_tb_stopEvents();” class=skype_tb_imgA onmousedown=“javascript:doSkypeFlag(this,‘8’,2,1,16);return skype_tb_stopEvents();” id=skype_tb_droppart_8 onmouseover=“javascript:doSkypeFlag(this,‘8’,1,1,16);” title=“Skype actions” style=“BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(file://C:/DOCUME~1/ADMINI~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/__SkypeIEToolbar_Cache/e70d95847a8f5723cfca6b3fd9946506/static/inactive_a.compat.flex.w16.gif)” onclick=“javascript:skype_tb_SwitchDrop(this,‘8’,‘sms=0’);return skype_tb_stopEvents();” onmouseout="javascript:doSkypeFlag(this,‘8’,0,1,16);]<SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_tb_imgFlag id=skype_tb_img_f8 style="BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(file://C:/DOCUME~1/ADMINI~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/__SkypeIEToolbar_Cache/e70d95847a8f5723cfca6b3fd9946506/static/famfamfam/US.gif)]</SKYPE:SPAN></SKYPE:SPAN><SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_tb_imgS id=skype_tb_img_s8 style="BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(file://C:/DOCUME~1/ADMINI~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/__SkypeIEToolbar_Cache/e70d95847a8f5723cfca6b3fd9946506/static/inactive_s.compat.gif)]</SKYPE:SPAN><SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_tb_injectionIn id=skype_tb_text8 style="BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(file://C:/DOCUME~1/ADMINI~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/__SkypeIEToolbar_Cache/e70d95847a8f5723cfca6b3fd9946506/static/inactive_m.compat.gif)]<SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_tb_innerText id=skype_tb_innerText8> (985) 727-2000 </SKYPE:SPAN></SKYPE:SPAN><SKYPE:SPAN class=skype_tb_imgR id=skype_tb_img_r8 style="BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(file://C:/DOCUME~1/ADMINI~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/__SkypeIEToolbar_Cache/e70d95847a8f5723cfca6b3fd9946506/static/inactive_r.compat.gif)]</SKYPE:SPAN></SKYPE:SPAN> <br>Fax: (985) 727-2006</P>

Sorry, forgot to paste the positions.<br><br>
<P align=left><span class=textstyle><strong><A class=highlight href="]<font color=#990000>Captain / Relief Captain</font></A></strong></span></P>
<P align=left><strong><A class=item href="]<font color=#000000>Chief Engineer / Relief Engineer</font></A></strong></P>
<P align=left><strong><A class=item href="]<font color=#000000>Mate</font></A></strong></P>
<P align=left><strong><A class=item href="]<font color=#000000>Barge Captain</font></A></strong></P>
<P align=left><strong><A class=item href="]<font color=#000000>QMED/Oiler</font></A></strong></P>
<P align=left><strong><A class=item href="]<font color=#000000>Tankerman</font></A></strong></P>
<P align=left><strong><A class=item href="]<font color=#000000>Able Seaman / Ordinary Seaman / Deckhand</font></A><br><br>Not sure if these are openings or not.<br></strong></P>

<DIV align="left]Try Laborde Marine. They are located on Hwy 182 in Bayou Vista. That is across the river from Morgan City behind Wal-Mart. They have crew boats and supply boats. I’m not sure if they are hiring 100ton guys right now but they are looking for 1600ton captains and DDE unl. for sure for their new-builds coming out next year. Call 985 399 9066 and ask for Donna. Good Luck</DIV>

Thanks for all of the input. You guys are very helpful.<br><br>Laborde didn’t have anythimg. HOS didn’t have anything unless you have a 1600 Ton Master or AB Unlimited.<br><br>I think he’s going to try Crosby, Harvey, Delta and a couple of others today. Please keep the suggestions coming. It’s good stuff.<br><br>Thanks again.

Try Rigdon Marine, still have some new crew boats coming out 866-835-8322<br><br>Kevin Gros Marine 985-696-5045

Thanks Doc. I’m sure Rigdon is on his list. Didn’t they just get bought by somebody?

Harvey Gulf requires an AB and STCW to be employed? That’s what my son just told me. He wasted an hour waiting to be told he wasn’t qualified for employment. Are there that many folks with those credentials wandering around unemployed?<br><br>The job search isn’t going well. I really thought that a young man looking for work offshore could find it down there. I guess it’s being in the right place at the right time. Timing is everything.

First off CONGRATS Splash!<br><br>Sry for my short absentee. Unfortunitly i dont have my MOTL…but im still trying to soak in all the company names that have been flying around…my biggest problem im trying to over come is the fact of trying to find a job without being at the company doorstep… i live in myrtle beach and unfortunitly dont have the time or money to actually go down south…any advice? …and another question i have is if i did find a job what are usaully the living situtations if you dont live there?

MICrew843,<br><br>Have you tried <A href="]http://<CITE>www.<STRONG>stevens</STRONG>-<STRONG>towing</STRONG>.com</A></CITE> ? They are located in Charleston. Pretty close to you. This whole discussion is really amazing. You read all the trade rags and they are stating there is a shortage of mariners. My ex-girlfriend’s son is trying to get his foot in the door and no luck either. Maybe the authors of all those articles stating the shortage should try to find a career in the industry. Another company, if you have an AB is <A href="]</A>. Racheal and Dominic Smith base out of St. Augustine, FL. My friend was just hired on with them. A “new” company that has some older tugs, but have been refitted. <br><br>Good luck,<br><br>Brian

Thanks Capt Brian,<br><br>yeah i know of most all the possiblilties here, but really have my heart set to go offshore rigging. Id rather spend most my time out of site of land and going faster than 10Kt…no offense to the tug guys out the. but i basicly grew up on converted crew boat and feel most convertable handling them.

Anyone know of any 2 weeks on 2 off schedules for 100 ton experienced?

If you are concerned that there is now a shortage of jobs for US mariners in the GoM, read my post concerning the use of foreign mariners in the Gulf at:

“OIL Now $60/barrel! How effect GOM mariners?”