Just asking

Hay guys im just asking to keep me and of course everyone else out their in our prayers for work, as some of u know im homeless, living in the shelter, for 5 days then in my car for the rest of the months, but, I dont let that discourage me, and u guys sbouldnt be to, just thought ill tell you guys keep your heads up, we all can get through just dont give up, I havent, and uou guys shouldnt

Praying for you man, keep your head up. Stay persistent in the job hunt, don’t hesitate to call back companies you interviewed with/applied to. They should know you by name and face. Make them want to hire you just so you’ll quit calling!

Thanks alot for that I will

I have to ask if you are near where the work is (South Louisiana in particular)? Being too far away from there is not going to help you to get out working again. Also, do you have your MMC and TWIC in hand? If you have the paper in hand and can pass a drug screen and a physical then I know there is work for you in the offshore. It is only a matter of who with and if you go back in the threads you will find a few lists showing literally hundreds of vessel operators in the offshore or on the ICW.

If you can get to where the work is you can work again.

I wish you the best crawdaddy 1.5,
Times are tough out there right now, especially if you have just an OS, but keep trying and don’t give up, all of us were just ordinary seaman at one time or another and caught a break,
It would probably be better for you to knock on some local doors where you live, and also to if possible get a temporary local job and upgrade you document to improve your job choices…
also telling a interviewer of your “present homeless state” will make an interviewer feel bad for you but will not improve your qualifications for work very much…

~Good luck out there~

Thanks guys, and yea I have everything and more, im in jacksonville fl. And just in feb camed from louisiana, im praying to here something back from eco, i really like them guys they where nice, but I keep calling everybody I apply to, but trust me I wont give up

Have you tried one of the docking tugs in Jacksonville yet? I think Moran and maybe Mcallister are there. Try Craigslist too. Just search boat, tug, etc. keep your search word simple and short.

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Moran has very little turnover in Jax. You dont start directly on the tugs you must start as decky on the line boat.

Yes ive got an app on file, I go by their everyday cause the shelter im at is near by

I just gave my two weeks notice where I was at had few job offers recntely but didnt wanna burn bridges at current job so just gave them two weeks notices jobs are out there even for O’S You might have go through head hunter I like JC at boat crews very nice she will get u job yeah some ppl say stay away from them but if you that hard up for cash it beats staying at shelters etc. Good luck in your such I’m trying get job as O.S so I can get my RFPNW completed and wasn’t going happen at former job and wanted work more then equal time. Choust not going call you its if they don’t hire you when you wal in or within 3 days it’s going get forgot about. I’m always day late or two there oh well.

Well they just hired a buddy of mine 2 weeks ago I was told they where looking for a spot for me I belive them they are good ppl

Good luck and keep your head up! Fair winds and following seas my friend.

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Add one more person to the list of people praying for you.

I’m offering a suggestion to the management at ECO. They are good people.

Why don’t you see what you can do to help out Crawdaddy?

Think of it as a community service project. Perhaps you could put him through your prehire training program and BST at your school. If he does ok in the training maybe you can hire him. If he doesn’t look like a decent potential employee during training then you could tell him that you’ve done all you can for him and that he needs to look for employment somewhere else. At the least he would then have some training to assist him in his further efforts to find a job. Either way, the goodwill that you receive by giving him a hand up will far outweigh the cost.

A couple of things…

First and foremost, you have my respect for the effort and I wish you nothing but the best. With that being said…do you have all of the proper documents in place?

Also…and I mean this with absolute respect, but how is your health and your weight? If it’s not in check, you may want to work on it so that you look the part of someone that is not only willing to, but capable of coming in and working hard.

I’m stating the obvious, but there is a shit ton of competition out there, and you have to make yourself better than them. I really hope there is someone that reads this thread, that is willing to give you a chance. Best wishes!

Wishing you the best. Hope you find something soon.

Hay guys thank you all so much, it means alot guys really, its kinda hard working out a shelter and car, but I do what I gotta, far as papers I have my bst stcw, psc lifeboatmen, and some others, im a big guy but the athletic type, I can run a mile or two. And again thank u guys, I mean I hear ppl here at the shelter asking me wat I do, and when I go through the whole spill about loosing my job due to the economy, and was trying to reach a dream of sailing, I get alit of ppl saying ih you cant do that, u just need ti get on drugs and let the shelter take care of u, one thing bout me I would rather try until a job tell me to leave them the hell alone, before I do that

I have a lot of respect for you opening up about what you have going on in your life. Most people will let their pride get in the way of their success!! I wish you the best!!! Good luck!!!

Also Hornbeck Offshore and Harvey are hiring at this time. Between both of them they got about 20 new boats coming out.

Thank you so much, I would just rather suck up that thing call pride to get up out a bad thing, its great to here ppl who dont even know be for you with encouraging words to say u guys giving me alot to be thankful for, I only wish that I could live up to the kind hearted men that you guys are

[QUOTE=crawdaddy 1.5;69851]Thank you so much, I would just rather suck up that thing call pride to get up out a bad thing, its great to here ppl who dont even know be for you with encouraging words to say u guys giving me alot to be thankful for, I only wish that I could live up to the kind hearted men that you guys are[/QUOTE]

You are by trying and not wallowing in self-pity.