Northstar Marine Services

What’s the scuttlebutt with Northstar Marine services? They are hiring many positions, and expanding their fleet.

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I was at their dock in Philly a few months ago and saw the old ECO boat they have, met a young guy who was an Ops manager. Seems like they are growing and expanding with a focus on offshore renewables? Would be interesting to hear more from anyone who has experience with them.

They also have an older big crewboat and just bought one of msrc’s boats. They must have some long term plans.

They just bought the old Keith Cowan as well, $1000 day for cpts and cheif engineers in their offshore fleet. Pretty good for a small east coast company

I know the guy who was running their boat from ECO and now appears to be in a management role. He is legit dude and a pro with lots of different types of experience. If I needed a job I would not hesitate to work for him again. I don’t have any experience with Northstar.

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Have not had much luck hearing back from them the times i have reached out. Contacted them via their recruiting email and website. Still, seems like they are investing in their fleet and getting some good work up on the east coast.