Marine Spill Response Corporation

Checked the old threads on these guys and didn’t see anything.( I have 1600 ton Master Oceans).

  1. What’s it like to work there ? Seems like they have a lot of turnover based on the number
    of advertised vacancies over time.

  2. Pay?

Thanks for any info.

Good outfit to work for. The fleet is mainly comprised of 8 hr (day work) boats. To qualify you have to live within 60 miles +/- of the vessel. The pay is fair on these vessels and this is predominantly where the turnover is. There are 4 or 5 rotational vessels with a 21/21 rotation with paid travel. The pay is good and the rotation and travel benefits speak for themselves. The downside to these vessels is the time counted on your license. Since the fleet is dockside the majority of the time you do not get a lot of sea time. If your goal is to advance your license, MSRC would probably not be a great option. If you already have a senior license and a position on a rotational boat opens up, you can’t go wrong.

Their turnover is due to pay and being on call. Pay isn’t exactly linear to what they want for licensing, but the wages aren’t too bad if you take into consideration what a mellow job is…not underway much. The day boats do get vacation days though, so you can get a break from being on call.[QUOTE][/QUOTE]

Yes until God forbid there’s another spill, then those guys worked months on end with no relief.

[QUOTE=z-drive;162114]Yes until God forbid there’s another spill, then those guys worked months on end with no relief.[/QUOTE]

very true…but then their pay increases substantially.

Thanks for the input. I’m a little perplexed by MSRC. I have a decent resume/experience. I usually have decent luck in a job hunt yet can’t get an interview out of these guys despite all their ads. I’m currently employed . Does anyone know the dayrates for people in the wheelhouse? Besides living near the boat…what does it take to get hired by these guys ? The fact that they make you reapply with the whole package for every new opening is a little backwards. What’s living conditions like on these boats. Sorry about the ramblings…

The only openings are on the day boats so you have to live within xx miles. The structure on the vessel is Captain, CM, 2 (AB’s), CE, and Asst. Engineer. I’m not sure what the day rate is?
Boats are all early 90’s vintage. The boats are set up to carry 35+ people in the event of a spill. Living conditions are ok considering there are typically only 6 crew on board. The grocery budget is decent. If you are eating poorly, its not due to the lack of funds.

Not sure how to get hired, seems to be the same story everywhere. Seems like there are a fair number of companies that consistently have job postings out there (i.e. Crowley) yet not many people have much luck getting a call back.

After Katrina/Rita, a few of the MSRC boats were being used as temporary support centers by at least one large oil company at various locations.