I may have a mate job with MSRC down in the GoM and although it is not what i want to do in the long run does anyone know if this is beneficial for getting work on supply boats/drill ships. PM or just reply thanks.

It certainly can’t hurt. If you’re a “New” mate don’t turn anything down. Good luck.

There are alot of msrc guys on here. do a search with msrc and you will see their user names in the threads.
up until now they spent most of their time sitting at the dock except for and occasional exercise which i have yet to see.
not the best place to get boat handling time. but boats always looked very clean and modern and that is pretty much what they are is deepwater class supply boats built to respond to oil spills instead of being a pumper and freight hauler for the rigs.
but handling a boat that big is gonna open some doors for you for sure. if you get to handle it at all.

i don’t know about msrc but alot of big companies only let the mate run a-b unless he is relief captain.

good luck

Click here for an oil responder boat thread posted by oicur12 not to long ago. alot of msrc guys chiming in on that one

thanks for all the responses i actually got lucky and scored a 120 day 3rd mate job with APL through MMP. See you all in 4 months

Nice! Have a great trip.